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,,,,, 1. ,James Shaw,SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling,Finished,Elite,100 2. ,Jacob Scott,SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling,Finished,Elite,85 3. ,Steve Lampier,Saint Piran,Finished,Elite,75 4. ,Ryan Christensen,,Finished,,0 5. ,Tristan Robbins,SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling,Finished,1st,58 6. ,Zeb Kyffin,Ribble Pro Cycling,Finished,Elite,51 7. ,James Jenkins,Richardsons-Trek RT,Finished,Elite,45 8. ,Matthew Holmes,Madison Genesis,Finished,Elite,39 9. ,Sam Culverwell,Team Estera,Finished,Elite,34 10. ,Damien Clayton,Ribble Pro Cycling,Finished,Elite,29 11. ,Miles Burton,Sixtysix RSN,Finished,2nd,25 12. ,Ben Granger,Wheelbase CabTech Castelli,Finished,2nd,21 13. ,Edward Laverack,SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling,Finished,1st,18 14. ,Maximilian Stedman,Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes,Finished,Elite,15 15. ,Joey Walker,Madison Genesis,Finished,Elite,12 16. ,Thomas Stewart,Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes,Finished,Elite,10 17. ,Daniel Pearson,Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes,Finished,1st,8 18. ,Kieran Savage,Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffi...,Finished,Elite,6 19. ,Rupert Graham,Spirit Tifosi Racing Team,Finished,Elite,4 20. ,Hayden Burton,Sixtysix RSN,Finished,2nd,2 21. ,Adam Kenway,Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother...,Finished,1st,0 22. ,Charlie Passfield,Spirit Tifosi Racing Team,Finished,1st,0 23. ,Sion Harlow,Team PB Performance,Finished,1st,0 24. ,Louis Rose-Davies,Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes,Finished,2nd,0 25. ,Leon Mazzone,Spirit Tifosi Racing Team,Finished,2nd,0 26. ,Shaun Cook,Nopinz Symec Race Team,Finished,1st,0 27. ,Finn Crockett,Wheelbase CabTech Castelli,Finished,1st,0 28. ,James Jobber,BRUNEI CONTINENTAL CYCLING TEA...,Finished,1st,0 29. ,Joseph Rees,Wales Racing Academy,Finished,2nd,0 30. ,Louis Szymanski,Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffi...,Finished,Elite,0 31. ,Russell Downing,Giordana Racing,Finished,1st,0 32. ,Peter Williams,SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling,Finished,1st,0 33. ,Benjamin Irving,TAAP Cervelo,Finished,2nd,0 34. ,Cameron Biddle,Morvelo Basso,Finished,1st,0 35. ,Josh Housley,Team PB Performance,Finished,1st,0 36. ,Ben Mewes,TAAP Cervelo,Finished,2nd,0 37. ,Rhys Howells,Richardsons-Trek RT,Finished,Elite,0 38. ,Charlie Shields,Sixtysix RSN,Finished,2nd,0 39. ,Tom Martin,Wheelbase CabTech Castelli,Finished,2nd,0 40. ,Ben Hardy,SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling,Finished,1st,0 41. ,Jack Wyllie,TAAP Cervelo,Finished,2nd,0
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