CC London Hog With The Occasional Hill - Women

Photo:M Pauls, Sigma Sport

Bank Holiday Bonus 

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Photo:M Pauls, Sigma Sport

Hog with the occasional hill

This bank holiday Monday race was put on by CC London, and included not only 4th Cat and E123 Women’s races, as well as two men’s races, but also a race training day for the newbies.

This mean that by the time the women’s racing started, the 4th Cats (and Liz Hughes, who had also just finished a stage race in Manchester…) had already down 90 minutes of hard riding. For me it was race 3 in 4 days (with a casual 100km on the one remaining day).

But it was novel – a number of us (myself included) had never raced ‘the occasional hill’ before. The race was set of in 2 parts, the E123s setting of just before the 4th Cats. The race set of at a good pace, with the flat parts of the circuit lending themselves to good speeds, and large benefits from drafting. We soon discovered, however, that the ‘cut through’ to avoid the hill, was pretty punchy (not entirely avoiding the hill… ;) and started to tire out legs. This meant that the E123 group split the first time up the hill, with a lead group of Jessica Woodworth and Alicia Speak (OnForm), Liz Hughes from CC London, Honor Elliott (Finsbury Park) and Mathilde Pauls (Sigma Sport WRT) stayed away, working together well.

The finishing lap saw a ‘head down and pedal really hard’ lead out from Liz Hughes for former team mate Alicia Speake, with Jessica and Alicia finishing first and second, with Mathilde Pauls in 3rd.

The 4th Category race was also won by a break away of Anneleen Bosma of Rapha CC (finishing first), and international rower Imogen Walsh, who is only just beginning to find her feet in group riding (probably lucky for the rest of us!!) coming second. The bunch sprint in the 4th Cat race was won by Danielle Shrosbree of host club CC London.

Many thanks to CC London for putting on this event for us, and letting us use the interesting mix of the ‘no hill’ and ‘up the hill’ circuits!

(Written by M Pauls, Sigma Sport)

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Position Name Club name Rider status Category Points
1.  Jessica Woodworth Cycle Team OnForm Finished 2nd 15
2.  Alicia Speake Cycle Team OnForm Finished 1st 12
3.  Mathilde Pauls Sigma Sport Women's Race Team Finished 1st 10
4.  Honor Elliott Finsbury Park CC Finished 3rd 8
5.  Elizabeth Hughes CC London Finished 1st 6
6.  Toni Wilkes Kent Velo Race Team Finished A 0
7.  Hannah Graveney LIV AWOL Finished 2nd 4
8.  Jennifer Allum PMR@Toachim House Finished 2nd 3
9.  Cindy Berry BowlPhish Racing Finished 3rd 2
10.  Stephanie Wheatley Verulam - Finished 3rd 1
--- Emma Bentley CC London Did not start 2nd 0
4th Cat Women
Position Name Club name Rider status Category Points
1.  Anneleen Bosma Rapha Cycling Club Finished 3rd 0
2.  Imogen Walsh Finished N/A 0
3.  Danielle Shrosbree CC London Finished 4th 7
4.  Caroline Soubayroux Lee Valley Velo Finished 0
5.  Alison Rothnie Spokes BPC Racing Finished 4th 5
6.  Gemma Lord Finished 4th 4
7.  Aleda Fitzpatrick Rapha Cycling Club Finished 4th 3
8.  Meghan O'Malley Finished 4th 2
9.  Helena Coker Cowley Road Condors Finished 4th 1
10.  Clare Hofmann Didcot Phoenix CC Finished 4th 1
11.  Karina Kaufmann CC London Finished 4th 0
12.  Laura Lacey Finished 4th 0
13.  Jess Geen Velociposse Finished 4th 0
14.  Michelle Debono Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT) Finished 4th 0
15.  Bev Sorsby WCS Race Team Finished 4th 0
16.  Caroline Pulford NLTCBMBC Finished 4th 0
17.  Abigail Langley Thanet RC Finished 4th 0
18.  Cyndi Goh Cowley Road Condors Finished 4th 0
19.  Nancy Fry CC London Finished N/A 0
20.  Gaby Stevenson Berrylands Cycling Club Finished 4th 0
21.  Madeleine Robinson Islington Cycling Club Finished 4th 0
22.  Pamela Delvalle Finished 4th 0
23.  Kerry Brown Newmarket Cycling&Triathlon Cl... Finished 4th 0
24.  Katie Brunt Rapha Cycling Club Finished 4th 0
25.  Gill Thom Kingston Wheelers CC Finished 4th 0
26.  Emily Bunney Finished 4th 0
27.  Natalie Smith Royal Leamington Spa CC (RLSCC... Finished 4th 0
--- Gemma Bitaraf Lovelo Cinelli RT Did not start 4th 0
--- Charlotte Gregory A5 Rangers CC Did not finish 4th 0
--- Jessica Reynolds Cowley Road Condors Did not finish N/A 0
--- Karlie Whitford Did not finish 0
--- Beccy Wilebore Cowley Road Condors Did not finish 4th 0
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