cc London Hog With The Occasional Hill #7 - Women

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Rider comments

This cat 2/3/4 women's race was put on by CC London. Having done race training with RCC in the morning I decided to stay on for the race. I did this race on bank holiday Monday and knew it was a good one with a lap up the hill every 12-15 minutes to shake things up.

With a field of 11 women the race started off at a slow pace so to up the pace I immediately started attacking. After the first lap on the hill, six of us managed to break away from the rest of the group and started working together. Debra Kelsall and I did most of the work on the front to keep the pace up while trying not to burn out my legs completely. As there were only 6 of us in the front I knew there was going to be a sprint finish after all!

My legs were feeling good with one lap left so I moved back to the front to up the pace a bit more and sprint to the finish. I finished first followed by Dagmar Pfeiffer and Debra Kendall

All in all it was a fun race with a great field!

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Position Name Club name Rider status Category Points
1.  Anneleen Bosma Rapha Cycling Club Finished 3rd 10
2.  Dagmar Pfeifer North Road CC Finished 3rd 8
3.  Debra Kelsall Finished 0
4.  Honor Elliott Finsbury Park CC Finished 3rd 6
5.  Jess Geen Velociposse Finished 4th 5
6.  Ingrid Matthews Hitchin Nomads CC Finished 3rd 4
7.  Rosina Digne-Malcolm Velociposse Finished 4th 3
8.  Helen Bridgman Kingston Wheelers CC Finished 3rd 2
9.  Imogen Cotter Finished 4th 1
10.  Papiya De Finished 4th 1
--- Hayley Whitehorn Velociposse Did not finish 4th 0
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