Cotswold League - Cricklade Kermesse

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Photo: Ride 24/7

Rory Gilling takes the win in the final round of the 2017 Cotswold League after a break escapes the peloton for the day.

The final standings see Ben Luckwell taking the overall title in the league.

Rider comments

The Cricklade Kermesse consisted of 15 laps of a short 3 mile circuit with one rise and a long straight into a headwind. As it was the last race of the Cotswold League and Ben Luckwell had an unassailable lead in the competition for the Steele Davis blue jersey, I hoped the racing would be fast and aggressive. On the first lap three us us attacked and established a small lead. One guy sat up but the rider from Backstedt Hotchillee and I hung on, though after a couple more laps we were mightily relieved to be joined by three other strong riders, Jamie, Joe, and my teammate Jacob Pilkington. We carried on pushing hard but the bunch never sat up and it took 4 or 5 circuits for the gap to grow to 40ish seconds. Despite the break continuing to work well together the gap never went much over one minute. On the last couple of laps we started to feel the pressure of the bunch bearing down on us . There were a couple of attacks from Jacob and Joe but we all knew we needed to work together to stay away. Coming into the last lap I was just hanging on up the rise but when we made it over the top still together I knew I should be OK in the sprint. Into the final straight the Backstedt rider lead it out. I jumped early and managed to hang on for the win.

Many thanks to ride 24/7 for putting on a great race and Steele Davis for supporting the Cotswold cycle race league.

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Position Name Club name Rider status Category Points
1.  Rory Gilling Velo Club Montpellier Finished 2nd 30
2.  Jamie Penton Radeon-Bike Science RT Finished 2nd 25
3.  Joe Charley Stourbridge CC Finished 2nd 21
4.  Robert Willcocks Royal Air Force CA Finished 2nd 17
5.  Jacob Pilkington Velo Club Montpellier Finished 2nd 14
6.  Matthew Griffin Radeon-Bike Science RT Finished 2nd 12
7.  Joshua Sandman Team Backstedt/Hotchillee Finished 2nd 10
8.  Brecon Burnett Cardiff Ajax CC Finished 2nd 8
9.  Benjamin Luckwell Ride 24/7 Finished 2nd 7
10.  Nic McKibbin Bath Cycling Club Finished 2nd 6
11.  Ashley Hutchison VC St Raphael Finished 2nd 5
12.  Mark Perry Ride 24/7 Finished 2nd 4
13.  Simon Jodrell Morvelo Basso RT Finished 2nd 3
14.  Lewis Braithwaite Ride 24/7 Finished 2nd 2
15.  Tom Sharp Bristol RC Finished 2nd 1
16.  James Chapman Kenilworth Wheelers CC Finished 2nd 0
17.  Jamie Wilkins Veloton Team Finished 2nd 0
18.  Alastair Kay VeloVitesse Finished 3rd 0
19.  Richard Cleaver Velo Club Montpellier Finished 3rd 0
20.  Trevor Smith Cotswold Veldrijden Finished 2nd 0
21.  David Mixell Ely Race Club Finished 2nd 0
22.  Christopher Hill Bristol RC Finished 3rd 0
23.  Ieuan Woods Catford CC Equipe/Banks Finished 2nd 0
24.  James Pugh Cotswold Veldrijden Finished 3rd 0
25.  Matthew Franklin Bristol RC Finished 2nd 0
26.  Rick Hawker VeloVitesse Finished 3rd 0
27.  Jamie Atkins University of Bristol CC Finished 4th 0
28.  Archie Whyte Ride 24/7 Finished 3rd 0
29.  Cameron Smalley Cotswold Cycles-TREK Finished 3rd 0
30.  Steve Thomas Ride 24/7 Finished 2nd 0
31.  David Prickett Morvelo Basso RT Finished 2nd 0
32.  David Rutty VC Bristol Webbs of Warmley Finished 3rd 0
33.  Neil Bond VeloVitesse Finished 2nd 0
34.  Richard Klee Performance Cycles Finished 3rd 0
35.  Peter Blencowe Cambridge CC Finished 2nd 0
36.  Greg Nieuwenhuys Radeon-Bike Science RT Finished N/A 0
37.  Kinsey McIlquham KTM Impsport RT Finished 2nd 0
38.  Khem Sattaur University of Bath Cycling Clu... Finished 4th 0
39.  Myles Thwaites Performance Cycles Finished 4th 0
40.  Jonathan Melville Epsom Cycling Club Finished 3rd 0
--- David Billings Radeon-Bike Science RT Did not start 2nd 0
--- Robin Burrow Team Bottrill - HSS Hire Did not start 3rd 0
--- Peter Bygrave VeloVitesse Did not finish 3rd 0
--- John Carter Radeon-Bike Science RT Did not finish 2nd 0
--- Simon Cox Rapha Cycling Club Did not finish 2nd 0
--- Lee Davis VeloVitesse Did not start 2nd 0
--- Thom Hayward Velo Club Venta Did not start 2nd 0
--- Thomas Hogan Ride 24/7 Did not finish 3rd 0
--- Ross Holland Bikechain - Ricci Did not start 2nd 0
--- David Janes Veloton Team Did not start 3rd 0
--- James Jenkins Did not start 3rd 0
--- Robert Jones Performance Cycles Did not finish 3rd 0
--- Adrian Lawson Latchem Sunwise Race Team Did not start 2nd 0
--- Callum Lister Cotswold Veldrijden Did not start 3rd 0
--- Ross Mallen Royal Air Force CA Did not start 2nd 0
--- Arjan Planting Dulwich Paragon CC Did not start 2nd 0
--- Samuel Reakes Bynea CC Did not start 2nd 0
--- Ben Scott-Munden Sotonia CC Did not start 2nd 0
--- Dave Tilling Ride 24/7 Did not start 2nd 0
--- Craig Wallduck Latchem Sunwise Race Team Did not finish 2nd 0
--- Eliot Ward DMW - BRIDGTOWN Did not start 2nd 0
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