Emergency Points Race #3

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Position Name Club name Rider status Category Points
1.  Sam Marshall Frodsham Wheelers/Twelve50 Bik... Finished 3rd 10
2.  William Manfield-Yorke Wolverhampton Whls Finished 3rd 8
3.  Samuel Ingle BodyTorq Racing Finished 3rd 7
4.  John Stephenson Barrow Central Wheelers Finished 3rd 6
5.  Joseph Tivey Holmfirth Cycling Club Finished 4th 5
6.  Sam Lashley Wheelbase Altura MGD Finished 3rd 4
7.  Tiago Fougo Strada-Sport Finished 3rd 3
8.  Alexander Hutchinson Pedalsport Cycling Club Finished 3rd 2
9.  Peter Anderson Seacroft Wheelers Finished 3rd 1
10.  Anthony Turner Cotswold Veldrijden Finished 3rd 1
11.  Paul Lawton Birkenhead North End CC Finished 3rd 0
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