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Position Name Club name Rider status Category Points
1.  Joe Skipper Strada-Sport Finished N/A 0
2.  Stephen Fuller Cambridge CC Finished 3rd 12
3.  Thomas Heal Strada-Sport Finished 3rd 10
4.  Robin Hawes Chelmer CC Finished 3rd 8
5.  James Sale Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team Finished 3rd 6
6.  Lubomir Belak St Ives CC Finished 3rd 5
7.  Oliver Wood Strada-Sport Finished 3rd 4
8.  Adam Hole VC Norwich Finished 3rd 3
9.  Ashley Strowger VC Norwich Finished 4th 2
10.  Ben Nicholson Velo Club Baracchi Finished 4th 1
11.  Benjamin Skaife Artel Racing Finished 4th 0
12.  Louis Julian DAP Cycling Club Finished 3rd 0
13.  Jamie Roberts Finished 3rd 0
14.  Jack Ibbotson VC Norwich Finished 3rd 0
15.  Matthew Baker VC Norwich Finished 3rd 0
16.  Bradley Nelson Bloodwise QSW Finished 3rd 0
17.  William Cunningham Stowmarket & District CC Finished 4th 0
17.  Steve Sach Southend Wheelers Finished 3rd 0
17.  Caolan Stowe UEA Velo Finished 3rd 0
17.  Scott Williams West Suffolk Wheelers Finished 4th 0
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