Western Cyclocross League - Purdown

Isaac Mundy (Team Chopper), took the win ahead of league favourite, Scott Chalmers (Magspeed Racing) in Sunday's Western league race at Purdown. Bath CC's Krzysztof Chrostek, took the final place on the podium and consolidated a strong position overall in the league.

Rider comments

Its been a while, but yesterday I ventured back to Purdown for round 8 of the Western League. It seems to clash with a trophy normally, so nice to go back. Probably one of the harder courses of the league, up a steep old climb, then a rough track that takes you across the top of the hill, then a steep, technical decent and back to the start to do it all again.

With the majority of the normal suspects there, except one of the leagues up and coming riders, junior Sam Smith and Mike Brunsdon who, before the race was still sitting in the top three overall, it was on for a tough race. I managed to get a half decent start and managed to slot into the lead as we hit the climb for the first time and I hit the climb quite hard and managed to get a little gap over the top. Soon to be caught by Isaac Mundy and coming down the decent I fell back to second place and Isaac was clearly taking more risks on the decent and slightly gapped me, which I then regained on the climb, the loose it again on the decent… But two laps later I came down the decent to find Isaac on the deck… I carried on plugging away and got a half decent gap over second place and kept that until the final lap, where I seemed to not firing on all cylinders and Isaac had made it back and though we were together up the climb I just didn't have it in my legs to stay up front until the end. Another 2nd place and a fun day out racing round the fields…next up the National Trophy Round 2, Abergavenny.

Cross events were my first ever organised bike races back in the day (the day, here, is 2005) and I always fancied a return, so with a longer off-season this year my team very kindly hooked me up with a spanking red bike to get silly on.

The course at Purdown was just the right amount of slippy, with damp but not soft mud, flowing corners and the hilariously hard Muur van Hurdelbergen, big thanks to the crew from Severn RC for putting that together for us.

Looking fast on the opening laps were Scott Chalmers, Krzysztof Chrostek, Sam Holder and James Britton, who were lined out across the rutted and windblown top sections. I rolled off the front on the second lap and was having a pretty good time when I sent the rutted off-camber descent at a pace way higher than my already ambitious intention, and spent at least half an hour gathering myself, my Garmin, my glasses, straightening my bars and sulking. During this I was passed by nearly the entire field.

After feeling sorry for myself for a lap I thought I should at least try, and kept the chain tight for the next half an hour, making it back to the front with just under two laps remaining.

This enabled me to sit on and then sod off on the Muur to take the win, ahead of Scott and Krzyzsztof, who had looked solid out front all day.

It was a really, really hard circuit, top job everyone who raced and again thanks to the promoting club and commissaires for processing the results so quickly.

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Pos Name Time Gender Club Laps
1 Isaac Mundy 00:59:01 Male Team Chopper 11
2 Scott Chalmers 00:59:20 Male Magspeed Racing 11
3 Krzysztof Chrostek 00:59:35 Male Bath CC 11
4 Sam Holder 01:01:39 Male DRK Racing 11
5 James Britton 01:02:13 Male Bristol Cx 11
6 Liam Cahill 01:03:00 Male SomerValley CC 11
7 Grant Leavy 01:03:55 Male DRK Racing 11
8 William Hibberd 01:04:04 Male DRK Racing 11
9 Harry Brook-Dobson 01:04:05 Male Uni Of Bath Cc 11
10 Thomas Clark 01:04:37 Male stroud valley velos 11
11 Talan Snowden 01:04:51 Male 73 Degrees CC 11
12 Andy Dryburgh 01:08:18 Male Cotswold Racing 11
13 Nathan Anscombe 01:08:49 Male Bikestrong KTM 11
14 Dave Arthur 00:59:29 Male 10
15 James Carver 00:59:36 Male Salt and Sham cc 10
16 Sam Andrews 00:59:38 Male 10
17 Theo Brumhead 01:01:19 Male Bristol South Cc 10
18 James Coop 01:02:05 Male Crux 10
19 Nick Anderson 01:02:36 Male Salt & Sham 10
20 Richard Brain 01:02:47 Male 10
21 Gethin Musk 01:03:27 Male Performance Cycles 10
22 Greg Seamill 01:03:28 Male Sas 10
23 Ben Young 01:03:29 Male Performance Cycles 10
24 Oliver Hayward 01:03:50 Male Striking Bikes 10
25 Chris Newman 01:03:52 Male DAS RAD KLUB 10
26 Tim Wilkey 01:04:28 Male DRK Racing 10
27 Kaj Scarsbrook 01:04:52 Male C N Cycles 10
28 Steve Light 01:05:11 Male Salt and Sham cc 10
29 George Britton 01:05:41 Male Severn RC 10
30 Dan Smith 01:05:43 Male Ride 24/7 10
31 Ben Melling 00:59:02 Male 9
32 Chris Whitlehouse 00:59:31 Male 9
33 Sam Gilbert 00:59:51 Male Bikestrong KTM 9
34 Jonathon Matteram 01:00:16 Male Stroud Valley Velo 9
35 Sam Blacker 01:00:49 Male VC Walcot 9
36 Ben Wallis 01:00:49 Male BRCC 9
37 Robert Haynes 01:02:39 Male Unattached 9
38 Andy M 01:02:47 Male BadTri 9
39 Luke Bonnett 01:03:06 Male Bristol Cx 9
40 Jack Saxty 01:03:18 Male 9
41 Jon Steel 01:04:11 Male Drk 9
42 Lee Evangelstia 01:04:18 Male Army Cycle Club 9
43 Brendan Moroney 01:05:33 Male 9
44 Paul Flook 01:06:42 Male Edinburgh RC 9
45 Robert Smith 01:00:49 Male 8
46 George Bemand 01:06:09 Male 8
47 Max Collingwood 01:07:25 Male 8
48 Dan Burke 01:02:15 Male Ctwycc 7
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