Local rider Charles Coleman takes the win on home turf in Sunday's round of the WTTA Hill CLimb Series, Organsied by Laurie Chalk of Velo Club Walcot www.vc-walcot.com

Rider comments

Sunday saw riders return to a classic South West hill climb organised VC Walcott. It's one of my favourite events of the year with a short, steep(ish) ascent coupled with an enthusiastic crowd that encourage riders to send themselves into lactate oblivion. 


The weather forecast looked grim, but in the end riders were treated to a relatively rain free afternoon. 


The men’s race was incredibly close with less than a second separating the top 3, but in the end Charles Coleman took a well deserved win after coming close for so many years.


The women’s race was also came down to the wire with Becky Dodds of the promoting club coming out on top.


All in all a brilliant event and highly recommended for anyone considering dipping their toe into the strange world of hill climbs!




After numerous near misses and podiums Charles Coleman was finally king of Claverton Hill edging out Joe Norledge by just 0.5secs who in turn was only 0.4secs ahead of Jacob Pilkington. Close times amongst the other categories was a real feature of the day as Becky Dodds of organising club VC. Walcot beat last year’s winner Kate Baker by 1 second with Emily Slavin 0.5secs behind.

The ever improving Morgan Curle won the Junior/Juvenile category with a time good enough to place him 12th overall. Phil Stonelake put in a top 10 ride to win the Vets and Bristol South CC capped off a strong overall performance, 4 riders in the top 25, to take the team prize. As is customary there was vociferous support all along the roadside for the riders in one of the West DC’s best hill climbs. Thanks to all the riders, organisers, supporters and timekeepers (Paul Arayan and Dennis Davis).

Men's Seniors and Espoirs:
1. Charles Coleman, 2. Joe Norledge, 3. Jacob Pilkington.

Women's Seniors and Espoirs:
1. Becky Dodds, 2. Kate Baker 3. Emily Slavin.

Vets (40+):
1. Phil Stonelake, 2. Justin Gage, 3. Gordon Markus.

1. Morgan Curle, 2. Harry Tucker, 3. Ben Wainwright.

Team prize:
Bristol South CC (6mins 56.7)

Angus Mckendrick Trophy went to Rob Grover as the fastest VC.Walcot rider.

Being my first competitive ctt hill climb, I wasn't fully sure what to expect. The wet slippy short climb didn't play much to my strengths; as for me, longer the climb the better! I was second from last to tackle the climb. I was surprisingly nervous while waiting for my turn. Waiting to intentually make your self feel dreadful is still a odd concept for me to grasp.

I started off sprinting, I was struggling to get any traction as my back wheel was bouncing all over the place. I continued out the saddle, waiting for the tunnel of supporters, it seemed to be much further than 700m this time up. The crowd was deafening, cheering and banging pots and pans. Before I knew it I had finished. I didn't quite feel as though I had done enough. When the results showed that I was less than a second away from winning, I knew I would be kept up that night, wondering what I can remove, or where i can drill holes in order to save those vital grams.

The event had a awesome atsmophere, I look forward to giving it another go next year!

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Position First Name Last Name Club Precise Time
1 charles coleman DRK Racing 02:08.0
2 joe norledge Bristol South Cycling Club 02:08.5
3 Jacob Pilkington Velo Club Montpellier 02:08.9
4 Adam whitehead Bristol South Cycling Club 02:14.0
5 Josh Coyne Okehampton CC 02:15.5
6 George Jones Velo Club St Raphael 02:16.6
7 Fred Cook University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 02:18.8
8 Russell Peace Dursley Road Club 02:19.8
9 Phil Stonelake BikeRadar 02:20.3
9 Chris Parker Velo Club St Raphael 02:20.3
11 Euan Davies University of Bath Cycling Club 02:21.1
12 Nick Tyrie University of Bath Cycling Club 02:21.4
12 Morgan Curle Bristol Cycling Development Squad 02:21.4
14 Joe Hawksworth Bristol South Cycling Club 02:23.3
15 Matt Griffin Cycology Bikes 02:26.3
16 Robert Grover Velo Club Walcot 02:28.9
17 Reuben Bakker-Dyos BikeRadar 02:31.1
18 Harry Tucker Trowbridge Cycling Club 02:32.1
19 ben wainwright Team Tor 2000 (Kalas) 02:32.4
20 Jack Phillips Salt and Sham Cycle Club 02:32.6
21 Daniel Alford Bristol South Cycling Club 02:34.2
22 Adam Whittaker Salt and Sham Cycle Club 02:34.3
23 James Coleman DRK Racing 02:34.6
24 Andrew Lockwood Lockwood Southampton University Road Cycling 02:35.3
25 Ted Cross University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 02:35.5
26 Thomas Saminaden Gregarios Superclub Ciclista 02:37.5
27 tavis walker DRK Racing 02:38.1
28 Justin Gage Velo Club Walcot 02:38.3
29 Gordon Markus Severn Road Club 02:38.5
30 John Grenfell Bath Cycling Club 02:39.8
31 Callum Middleton Lewes Wanderers CC 02:40.2
32 Andrew Turner Bristol South Cycling Club 02:41.0
32 Dan Martin University of Bath Cycling Club 02:41.0
34 Txema Garcia Trowbridge Cycling Club 02:41.6
35 Steven Cottington Bath Cycling Club 2:02:42.9
35 Jim Beales Dursley Road Club 2:02:42.0
37 JAMES WOOTTON North Hampshire RC 02:43.4
38 Luke Voss University of Bath Cycling Club 02:44.4
39 Jack Luke BikeRadar 02:44.5
40 David Cullen Bristol South Cycling Club 02:45.1
41 Andy Butler University of Bath Cycling Club 02:45.2
42 Mark Jerzak Chew Valley Cycling Club 02:46.0
43 Ben Jones University of Bath Cycling Club 02:46.2
44 James Barber University of Bath Cycling Club 02:47.5
45 Tom Moffat University of Bath Cycling Club 02:49.0
46 John Benjamin Velo Club Walcot 02:51.4
47 Ryan Oldam University of Bath Cycling Club 02:56.7
48 Harry Woodman Velo Club Walcot 02:57.0
49 Edward Gray University of Bath Cycling Club 03:00.6
50 Becky Dodds Velo Club Walcot 03:02.5
51 Kate Baker University of Bath Cycling Club 03:03.5
52 Emily Slavin University of Bath Cycling Club 03:03.8
53 Frances Bromley Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles 03:09.7
53 Jim Kay University of Bath Cycling Club 03:09.7
55 Ashia Fenwick Velo Club Venta 03:21.6
56 Alice Thomson DRK Racing 03:22.2
57 Tom Allport University of Bath Cycling Club 03:30.2
58 Heidi Blunden Sodbury Cycle Sport 03:37.5
59 Harry Edmund Trowbridge Cycling Club 03:40.9
60 Abby Easter Velo Club Venta 03:44.1
61 Molly Hodges University of Bath Cycling Club 04:06.2
DNS Jemima Cooper University of Bath Cycling Club 00:00.0
DNS Khem SATTAUR University of Bath Cycling Club 00:00.0
DNS Andrew Williams Cwmcarn Paragon Road Club 00:00.0
DNS Charlie Shields Bath Cycling Club 00:00.0
DNS Nick Robinson Dursley Road Club 00:00.0
DNS Tim Lowrie Trowbridge Cycling Club 00:00.0
DNS Oliver Overend University of Bath Cycling Club 00:00.0
DNS Matthew Wheeler University of Bath Cycling Club 00:00.0
DNS Dan Jewell Trowbridge Cycling Club 00:00.0
DNS Adam Leitch Trowbridge Cycling Club 00:00.0
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