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The Western Time Trial Association (WTTA) Hill Climb Championship was my big sporting target for this year. Last year I came third and was keen to improve on this result. In fact, during the revision period for my final exams the long summer and being fit for hill climb season was a real motivation to get me through the exam stress.

The hill climb community is a very friendly and eclectic bunch. Everyone supports the competitor racing up the hill, “Allez, Allez Allez” and “up, up, up” becomes a soundtrack to the autumn. However, the events are tough and the quality of racing in the series has improved. 5 seconds was regularly the difference between 10 places. Whether you are competing for the win or to beat your own PB there is always solace in the village hall where there is coffee and cake to be consumed and debate on how to go faster for the next one.

The highlight for me was winning my first ‘Open’ event on my home hill of Belmont. It was a pretty exciting race with a big field and noisy crowd. I remember being incredibly nervous as I lined up on the start line. I’m sure when you watch the tour with pros flying up the mountain you can’t help but imagine yourself in a jersey with a Columbian flag flying behind. Hill climbs are definitely the closest you will get to this, being confined as I am to the body of a mere moral. In the final minute of the race I had people running beside me willing me on to push deeper. This wave of support carried me to the line, at which point I realised I couldn’t really see straight and promptly fell into the roadside verge. I was pretty emotional to win in front of friends and club mates.

I was very pleased to have won the series, thanks to a consistent season (and having ridden for the bonus J). It has been great fun, beating PBs and improving race on race. I’m already thinking of next year.

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3rd position Joe Norledge


2017 marked my fourth year competing in the WTTA Hill Climb Series, and it’s been fantastic to see the series go from strength to strength. Both the level of competition and participation across all age categories and sexes seems to be on the up, creating a real community vibe at each event.

You get to know the regular faces and become acutely aware of your progress week on week. For me it’s not necessarily about beating people, but about seeing the fruition of my hard work and training throughout the season. I think many hill climbers feel the same and this creates a chilled out atmosphere that isn’t always found in other cycling disciplines.


For someone with a full time job, it’s a great series to target. Being compressed into 2 months means you can be competitive on very little training, although that training does have to be of the painful variety.


This year it’s been great to see some newer faces showing themselves at the top of the leader board, with Andrew Kirby taking the men’s overall win, and two hill climb first timers, Alice Thompson and Heidi Blunden taking 2nd and 3rd in their category respectively.  


A highlight for me was winning the Bristol South open hill climb on Burrington Combe. It’s an ascent I usually struggle on, but the hill climb gods smiled on me that day, providing a generous tailwind to help blow me up the climb. 


These events are only possible with the time and help of numerous volunteers, so a huge thanks to everyone that helped throughout the series.


All that’s left is the national championships, with a large Southwest contingent making the journey up north. As ever I’ve got no particular placing target/goal, and just want fall off the lactate cliff, going deeper into the pain cave than ever, haha! If I can manage that, I’ll be happy.



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Album - WTTA Hill Climb Series - Seniors


Name Club Overall total
Andrew Kirby University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 604
Charles Coleman DRK Racing 595
Joe Norledge Bristol South Cycling Club 594
Josh Coyne Okehampton CC 592
Glyndwr Griffiths 73 Degrees Bicycles 586
Joe Hawksworth Bristol South Cycling Club 583
Russell Peace Dursley Road Club 579
George Jones Velo Club St Raphael 573
Fred Cook University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 563
10  Daniel Alford Bristol South Cycling Club 560
11  Adam Whitehead Bristol South Cycling Club 553
12  Hugh Brashaw University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 545
13  Callum Hunter University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 539
14  Jack Phillips Salt And Sham Cycle Club 527
15  Oliver Walker-Hayes University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 516
16  Adam Whittaker Salt And Sham Cycle Club 513
17  Matt Griffin Cycology Bikes  507
18  Jacob Pilkington Velo Club Montpellier  476
19  Andrew Turner Bristol South Cycling Club 463
20  Mark Jerzak Chew Valley Cycling Club  439
21  Reuben Bakker-Dyos BikeRadar  409
22  Khem SATTAUR University of Bath Cycling Club 408
22  Ted Cross University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 402
24  David Cullen Bristol South Cycling Club 357
25  Chris Parker University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 339
26  Tavis Walker T1 Diabetes.info 319
27  Robert Grover Velo Club Walcot 315
28  James Coleman DRK Racing 282
29  Jack Luke BikeRadar  269
30  John Grenfell Bath Cycling Club 242
31  Ed Laverack JLT Condor 236
32  Andrew Feather Bike Chain Ricci  235
33 Tom Fricker Farnham RC 223
34 Andrew Peat Solihull CC  206
35 Andrew Lockwood Southampton University Road Cycling 200
36 Gareth Hanahoe Bristol Road Club 198
37 Tom Radburn Dursley Road Club 193
38 Ollie Pennington 1st Chard Wheelers 178
39 Lewis Henry DRK Racing 177
40 Charlie Revell Team Tor 2000 (Kalas) 173
41 John Benjamin Velo Club Walcot 159
42 Lewis Martin Spokes BPC Racing 159
43 johnny arce uruena T1 Diabetes.info 158
44 Luke Alexandre Abellio - SFA Racing Team 152
45 Jack Enright University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 149
46 Mark Hudson Bristol South Cycling Club 134
47 Dan Evans Team Elite/Paul Bethell Electrical 120
48 James Hayward Woolwich CC  120
49 Louis Salisbury Kenilworth Whs 120
50 Charlie Meredith Giant CC - Halo Films  118
51 Thomas Baylis One Pro cycling Ltd  117
52 Robert Borek DRK Racing 116
53 Tom Lander Bristol & District Triathletes (BAD TRI) 115
54 Tom Simmonds Velo Club Walcot 115
55 Ashley F J Towey Mid Devon CC 114
56 Euan Davies University of Bath Cycling Club 110
57 Nick Tyrie University of Bath Cycling Club 109
58 Oliver Adams Devizes Town Cycling Club 109
59 Darren Webb Somerset Road Club 106
60 Joshua Gray Team Tor 2000 (Kalas) 106
61 Frederik Scheske Exeter Whs CC 105
62 Jamie Atkins University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 105
63 Lewis Spindlove Bristol South Cycling Club 105
64 William Evans Wellington Wheelers Cycling Club  103
65 Thomas Doran Hemel Hempstead CC 103
66 Shaun Reed Somerset Road Club 102
67 Ceri Middleton UWECC (University of West of England Cycling Club) 101
68 Bradley Manaton Mid Devon CC 100
69 Dean Robson Northover VT / Rudy Project 100
70 Ned Jackson Islington Cycling Club 99
71 Julian MacBride Blaydon CC  98
72 Matthew Skeats University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 97
73 Mick Watling Chippenham & District Wheelers 97
74 James Gill DHCyclesport  96
75 Daniel Pink GS Avanti 96
76 John Hunt Beacon Roads CC  95
77 Thomas Saminaden Gregarios Superclub Ciclista 95
78 Tim Wilkey DRK Racing 94
79 Tom Sharp Bristol Road Club 94
80 Michael Hoare Frome and District Wheelers 93
81 Casimir Ludwig Bristol Road Club 92
82 Toby Smith Velo Club Bristol - Webbs Cycles 91
83 Callum Middleton Lewes Wanderers CC 90
84 Nick Martin East Grinstead CC  90
85 Michael Miskelly Bristol South Cycling Club 88
86 Nick Livermore Bristol South Cycling Club 87
87 JAMES WOOTTON North Hampshire RC  84
88 Luke Voss University of Bath Cycling Club 83
89 David Pollard University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 82
90 Llewellyn Holmes Bristol & District Triathletes (BAD TRI) 82
91 Callum Barnes Bath Cycling Club 81
92 Andy Butler University of Bath Cycling Club 80
93 Ben Jones Clevedon & District Road Club 78
94 Richard Poynter London Phoenix CC 78
95 Benjamin Nickolls Bath Cycling Club 77
96 Chris Featherstone Bristol Road Club 77
97 James Barber University of Bath Cycling Club 77
98 Alex Lewis Exeter Whs CC 76
99 Ben Alexander University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 76
100 Tom Moffat University of Bath Cycling Club 76
101 Roy Miles University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 75
102 Ed Cox Bristol South Cycling Club 75
103 Ryan Oldam University of Bath Cycling Club 74
104 Edward Gray University of Bath Cycling Club 72
105 Thomas Harrington University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 72
106 Stephen Down Bristol South Cycling Club 71
107 Kieran Ellis Bristol South Cycling Club 69
108 Jim Kay University of Bath Cycling Club 68
109 Jon Wiggins Frome and District Wheelers 67
110 Tom Allport University of Bath Cycling Club 64
111 Charlie Peach University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 63
112 Sebastian Kuehne Bristol South Cycling Club 63
113 Richard Taylor Severn RC 62
114 Michael Parkin-White University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 61
115 Rob Tadman Bristol South Cycling Club 60
116 simon ker Bath Cycling Club 60
117 Will Hawkins University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 56
118 Tristan Warren University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 55
119 joe marsh UWECC (University of West of England Cycling Club) 54
120 Daryl White University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 50
121 Nathan Bale Tanks Direct Cycling  44
122 Derek Farmer Minehead Cycling Club 39
123 Scott Huish Tanks Direct Cycling  19
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