Bristol South 50Mile TT

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1 Josh Griffiths Bikestrong-KTM 01:59:54 Male Espoir
2 Luke Smith Bristol South Cycling Club 02:01:53 Male Vet
3 Daniel Kempe Bristol South Cycling Club 02:07:34 Male Vet
4 Chris Broad-Drake Swindon Road Club 02:08:26 Male Vet
5 Ben Parker Swindon Wheelers 02:09:01 Male Vet
6 Peter Bacon Bristol & District Triathletes (BAD TRI) 02:12:08 Male Vet
7 Corinne Clark Vitfor OTE 02:12:25 Female Senior
8 Thomas Southey Bristol South Cycling Club 02:13:06 Male Senior
9 Peter Garnett Swindon Road Club 02:13:40 Male Vet
10 Anthony White Royal Dean Forest Cycle Club 02:14:11 Male Vet
11 Allan Hodgson Newport Phoenix CC 02:14:25 Male Vet
12 Tonymartin Lake Gloucester City Cycling Club 02:15:55 Male Vet
13 Tim Lowrie A2B Cycle Repair Race Team 02:16:05 Male Vet
14 Emily Kate Walton Beeston Cycling Club 02:17:18 Female Senior
15 Darren Wrintmore Westbury Wheelers 02:25:06 Male Vet
16 Marc Allen Swindon Road Club 02:25:15 Male Vet
17 Georgina Crawshaw Zoot Athlos Race Team 02:28:21 Female Vet
18 Rachel Breslin Zoot Athlos Race Team 02:36:40 Female Senior
19 Louise Smith Gloucester City Cycling Club 02:43:30 Female Vet
20 Charlotte Fisher Swindon Wheelers 02:53:41 Female Vet
1 Andrew Legge Bristol South Cycling Club 02:10:52 Male Vet
1 Joanna Knight Bristol South Cycling Club 02:10:52 Female Vet
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