East London Velo Winter Series #1 - 2|3|4

A dominant ride from Lee Valley Junior Team saw them trouncing the rest of the field, coming home with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th in round 1 of the East London Velo Winter Series. Nesta Ferguson led the charge followed by Louis Bilyard and Sam Allan... That will be a team to look out for in the coming season.

Rider comments

Was a very interesting race on Saturday made harder by the strong field that showed up. Im not sure if it was planned, if so i must have missed it but right from the start, two of my team mates decided to go long, 50 minutes long to be exact! That made for a solid half an hour of sitting on and annoying the other riders by not chasing until the race came back together. Then it was just a case of making sure no one else got away without at least one Lee Valley rider. A few brakes went but nothing came of them until the last lap when yet another Lee Valley attack went. I Placed myself onto the LVYCC train and waited until the last 150 metres before giving it all. Pleased to see such a dominant performace from our new junior team picking up 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th.!

Saturday marked the start of the racing season for me and a lot of the other riders in the field, with form being unknown after a long winter break. The race started off with my teammates, Sam and Marco making a move only a few minutes into the race. They grew their advantage to over 20secs at one point, but a strong effort from Colin and a few of the other riders reeled them back in, with a few laps remaining. Sam who had only been resting for a few minutes decided to have another go with just a lap remaining but was just caught on the line by me and Louis Bilyard with a few meters left. The team showed a strong performance despite my illness and look good going further into the season.

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pos Name
1 Nesta Ferguson
2 Louis Bilyard
3 Sam Allan
4 Colin Bailey
5 Marco Passfield
6 Joseph Bennett
7 Irfan Zaman
8 Chris Hazelgrove
9 Samual Thienel
10 Gregory Smith
11 Matthew Shephard
12 Graeme Garner
13 David Barnes
14 Martin Smith
15 Thomas Willan
16 Colin Ward
17 Chris Thomas
18 Fizan Afcw
19 Chris Smith
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