Eastern Cyclocross - Push Sport Cross - Women|Vets

Rider comments

After a delayed start due to an unfortunate incident at the end of the youth race, the Vet 50 men finally got under way shortly followed by the women and junior women. Regardless of the delay I managed to keep warm on the rollers and was raring to go when the whistle came.

My start was as good as I hoped it could be and before the first corner I had already pulled out a significant lead. Unfortunately, just after the first corner I misjudged the track conditions and lost my front wheel on a patch of ice, pitching myself in to a nearby thorn bush! Before I could untangle myself, most of the women had gone past and I found myself at the back of the group. Luckily I was not hurt and my bike seemed undamaged so I hopped back on and began chasing.

I manoeuvred my way through most of the back markers very quickly but was only in fifth place (Thanks Dad for letting me know as I passed the pits!) as I neared the end of the lap. Just before the lap end there were a set of steps that I knew I could take advantage of and as I drew near I could see the leading group of women. I left my dismount late and sprinted up the steps to regain third place and then made use of a couple of the vet 50 men to weave my way past the two lead women around the outside of the last corner.

Louise Foley wasn’t going to let me get away though and she managed to squeeze through due to my nervous approach to the corner that I had fallen off on the lap before. I decided to take stock and follow her wheel for a while and to let myself get my breath back. Luck was with me when Louise had a back marker ride into her back wheel, causing her to get stuck on a hill. I put in an effort and pulled away and from there I settled into my rhythm and didn’t have any further mishaps.

In the end it was a good race and it was great fun to race with the other women who I’d like to thank for checking I was alright after my off. A great course and an enjoyable event.

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Position Name Team
1 Richard Muchmore Renvale RT
2 Dave Copland Ipswich Bicycle Club
3 Paul Watson West Suffolk Wheelers
4 Clive Harrison Ford Cycling Club
5 Bruce Mackie Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
6 Andrew Roberts Belgian Cycling Selection
7 Michael Bowen West Suffolk Wheelers
8 Andy Fountain St Ives CC
9 Paul Moss Stowmarket & District CC
10 Geoff Bores Ford Cycling Club
11 Steve Coulson
12 Stephen De Boltz Ipswich Bicycle Club
13 Philip Peacock Ely & District CC
14 Terry Smith Colchester Rovers CC
15 Peter Golding West Suffolk Wheelers
16 Adrian Smith Ipswich Bicycle Club
17 Peter Farrell East Coast Riders
18 Nigel Herrod
19 David Watkinson Army Cycling Union
20 David Sweeting Diss & District CC
21 Peter Stiff Southend Wheelers
22 Peter Hall Colchester Rovers CC
23 Lauren Higham LIV AWOL
24 Robert Smith Stowmarket & District CC
25 Nicholas Thurgill East Coast Riders
26 Duncan Chenery
27 Louise Foley Cambridge CC
28 Stuart Field Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
29 Mark Frost VC Revolution
30 Mark Wyer Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
31 Polly Mason Iceni Velo
32 Mark Gibbs Newmarket Cycling&Triathlon Club
33 Joanne Newstead XRT - Elmy Cycles
34 Alison Hogg Push Sport / Barford Van Hire
35 Michael Jason Warre Hub VĂ©lo
36 Glen Boreham Velo Schils - Interbike RT
37 Brian Allerton Iceni Velo
38 Chris Mckenzie Ipswich Bicycle Club
39 Harry Moore Cycling Club Hackney
40 Ian Mortlock West Suffolk Wheelers
41 Alan French Velo Schils - Interbike RT
42 Andy Bardill Cycling Club Hackney
43 Jackie Field Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
44 Neil Bradley Maldon & District CC
45 Russell Tribley Chelmer CC
46 Jessica Waterfall Royston Cycling Club
47 Becky Ridge Manningtree Bicycle Club
48 Clive Tricker Ipswich Bicycle Club
49 David Griggs West Suffolk Wheelers
50 Martin Gill Chelmer CC
51 Paul Coleman West Worlington MTB assoc
52 Kimberlee Charlton Private Member
53 Kevin Godber Ipswich Bicycle Club
54 David Hales VC Revolution
55 Nicola Powell Stowmarket & District CC
56 Michael Curtis St Ives CC
57 Terry Whalley Ford Cycling Club
58 Paul Sawyer West Suffolk Wheelers
59 Elanor Cadzow Welwyn Wheelers CC
60 Laura Mansel-Thomas Colchester Rovers CC
61 Wendy Atkinson Ipswich Bicycle Club
62 Jacqueline Smith Ipswich Bicycle Club
63 Philip Bailey Basildon CC
64 Sarah Pateman Ipswich Bicycle Club
65 Trevor Cutler Basildon CC
66 Molly Cutmore TPH Racing
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