Exeter Wheelers CC Open 25 Time Trial

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Photo:David Gray Photography

EWCC open 25 miles TT held on the S8/25S course starting near Oakford, Devon.

Rider comments

Having only recently just bought a TT bike (n+1) this was my debut race against the clock. After a sleepy-eyed drive up the A30 from Tavistock I wasn't sure what to expect, sure I had done plenty of road and crit races before, but would this be the same?

Arriving at Oakford village hall the answer was clearly obvious, NO. The event had a really relax and friendly vibe about it, something I’m sure was contributed by the variety of competitors; with men, women and children of all ages participating at varying levels of seriousness. Additionally, the sun was just beginning to burn off the morning mist and there was only a hint of a westerly breeze, perfect conditions.

After a decent warmup in the surrounding lanes I was lined up on the start wishing I’d done a more thorough course reccy, Google maps and the elevation profile on the CTT website really don’t do the rolling hills in Devon much justice. During the ride I was frequently kicking myself knowing I could've gone faster through the twisties or pushed harder before resting on the decent had I know the course better, perhaps this is what draws people to challenge the same courses repeatedly? Anyway, with a gas full charge in the final 2 miles I crossed the line at 59:54

I was chuffed to sneak in under the hour on my TT debut, this was much more satisfying than my predominantly mediocre road/crit results of the season so far.

I’ll definitely be back, both for more TT’s and the flapjack at the finish!

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Position First name Surname Gender Club Time
1 Lee Sanderson Male Mid Devon CC 58:16:00
2 Mark Hudson Male Bristol South Cycling Club 58:39:00
3 Sam Lane Male Wellington Wheelers Cycling Club 58:41:00
4 Rowan Ellis Male 1st Chard Wheelers 59:09:00
5 Sam Smith Male Bath Cycling Club 59:54:00
6 Scott Huish Male Minehead Cycling Club 59:58:00
7 Alfie Lloyd Male 1st Chard Wheelers 59:59:00
8 Roger Sheridan Male NOPINZ 01:00:35
8 Harry Loader Male Team Bottrill 01:00:35
10 Gregory Stacey Male North Devon Wheelers 01:00:36
11 Morris Elphick Male Exeter Whs CC 01:01:23
12 George Eames Male North Devon Wheelers 01:01:47
13 Chris Shakya Male Exeter Whs CC 01:02:29
14 Robin Delve Male Mid Devon CC 01:03:23
15 Rebecca Cornwell Female Taw Velo 01:04:00
16 James Burrows Male Exeter Whs CC 01:04:40
17 Ruben Stacey Male North Devon Wheelers 01:04:56
18 Ryan Kingdon Male Taw Velo 01:05:43
19 Stewart Henderson Male Taw Velo 01:06:23
20 Jason Willicombe Male Minehead Cycling Club 01:07:04
21 Catherine Hilton Female Sid Valley CC 01:07:06
22 Lee Musto Male Minehead Cycling Club 01:08:04
23 Chris Redman Male Minehead Cycling Club 01:08:28
24 James Greenaway Male Exeter Whs CC 01:08:36
25 Charlotte Marshall Female Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 01:08:42
26 Phil Eames Male North Devon Wheelers 01:09:37
27 Nikki Toomer Female Exeter Whs CC 01:10:43
28 Nathan Bale Male Minehead Cycling Club 01:11:52
29 Rosalind Willicombe Female Minehead Cycling Club 01:11:58
30 Geoff Ware Male Minehead Cycling Club 01:13:44
31 Susan Standford Female Camel Valley C & TC 01:23:40
32 Ian Hobbs Male Camel Valley C & TC 01:23:46
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