HC Yorkshire Cycling Federation Hill Climb

1 Jude Taylor B38/Cycles In Motion 14:09.7 Male Senior
2 Andy Cunningham Ilkley CC 14:47.4 Male Senior
3 Jack Brown ActiveEdge Race Team P/B Cooper/BMW Inchcape 14:58.9 Male Espoir
4 Ben Stead ABC Centreville 15:16.9 Male Senior
5 Steve Bate Vive Le Velo 15:22.0 Male Vet
6 Sam Fairhurst Bill Nickson Cycles 15:46.3 Male Senior
7 Ian Mitchelson Halifax Imperial Wheelers 15:49.2 Male Vet
8 Timothy Mansfield HD Revolutions 16:05.7 Male Senior
9 Matthew Asquith Team Sportslab 16:19.7 Male Vet
10 Patrick Casey Cycle Sport Pendle 16:33.7 Male Juvenile
11 Andrew Askwith Vive Le Velo 16:36.4 Male Vet
12 Timothy Lane Team JRC 17:28.0 Male Juvenile
13 Ian Garbett Holmfirth C C 17:52.5 Male Vet
14 Daniel Shaw Halifax Imperial Wheelers 18:11.5 Male Vet
15 Finn Coll Valley Striders Cycling Club 18:31.5 Male Junior
16 Ben Beachell Rhos-on-Sea CC 18:43.7 Male Vet
17 Sarah Lewthwaite Team Sportslab 18:52.7 Female Vet
18 George Griffin Team JRC 18:58.7 Male Juvenile
19 Richard Burt Solihull CC 19:12.9 Male Vet
20 David Taylor Ravensthorpe CC 19:16.8 Male Vet
21 Paul Brierley Huddersfield RC 19:45.7 Male Vet
22 Guy Lewis Holmfirth C C 20:05.8 Male Vet
23 Steve Burrows Vive Le Velo 20:15.7 Male Vet
24 Marcus Hurst Bury Clarion CC 20:22.3 Male Vet
25 Chris Jones Calderdale Tri Club 20:38.1 Male Vet
26 David Lane Ravensthorpe CC 21:27.6 Male Vet
27 Ken Woodward Bury Clarion CC 21:41.5 Male Vet
28 Sandra Burrows Vive Le Velo 24:52.1 Female Vet
29 Ala Whitehead Rockingham CC 26:29.5 Female Vet
30 David Tinker Clayton Velo 28:09.8 Male Vet
31 David Bennett Otley CC 28:53.6 Male Senior

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