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Rider comments

Turning up to a winter series race is always a challenge, shared only by those who also make it to the start line. Together you’ve beaten the cold, the rain and the constant thoughts trying to convince you that staying in bed is what any sane person would do.

It was raining. The guys were up first and with every lap you could see the mud and dirt on their face get progressively worse. The only thing worse than racing in that is watching it nervously, knowing you’re up next. 

Our race began and the first 15 minutes consisted of the E123’s chasing down the 4’s who have a handicapped start. My teammate and I had a plan. She was going to be the babe she is and work for me so I had a better chance in the sprint. It was the last race to secure the 5 points I needed to become a Cat 2 for next season. Do or die, whilst caked in dirt. 

With a shorter race than usual because of the terrible weather, the 5 laps to go board was a welcomed sight. Gem did an incredible job of setting me up to feel fresh and ready for the sprint finish. On the final corner, she put her foot on that gas pedal and lead me out. I just had to finish the job. It was a fight to the finish line against Hermione from Cowley Road Condors. A great battle which resulted in me crossing the line first, but only by a hairs length. 

Thanks to all the women who turned up to make it a race. To the organisers for turning up in the cold. To the people cheering on the sidelines. To Jack Saunders for the celebrations. And to Gem, for getting me the win and my Cat 2 license.

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Position Name Club name Rider status Category Points
1.  Kitty Pemberton-Platt Scarpa Racing Finished 3rd 10
2.  Hermione Harrison Cowley Road Condors Finished 3rd 8
3.  Donna Dale Finished 4th 7
4.  Honor Elliott Finsbury Park CC Finished 2nd 6
5.  Emma Pickering Dulwich Paragon CC Finished 4th 5
6.  Katie Harbon Finished 4th 4
7.  Savannah Hewson LIV AWOL Finished 3rd 3
8.  Abigail Langley Thanet RC Finished 4th 2
9.  Gem Atkinson Scarpa Racing Finished 2nd 1
10.  Meghan O'Malley Rapha Cycling Club Finished 4th 1
11.  Sarah Kelman St Ives CC Finished 4th 0
12.  Rosina Digne-Malcolm Velociposse Finished 4th 0
13.  Trudy Sharam Lea Valley CC Finished 4th 0
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