Lee Valley Winter Series #1 E|1|2|3

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Position Name Club name Rider status Category Points
1.  Barnabas Purbrook Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT Finished Elite 10
2.  Richard Taylor Harry Middleton Cycling Club Finished 2nd 8
3.  Simon Alexander Richardsons-Trek RT Finished Elite 7
4.  Sol Warwick Pizzeria Espanola Finished 3rd 6
5.  Joshua Andrews Morvelo Basso RT Finished 1st 5
6.  Kevin Argent Sigma Sport.co.uk Finished 2nd 4
7.  Emyr Davies Rapha Cycling Club Finished 3rd 3
8.  Michael Devaney ZeroBC Finished 2nd 2
9.  Dominic Schils Velo Schils - Interbike RT Finished Elite 1
10.  Haben Gebrehiwet Cycling Club Hackney Finished 2nd 1
11.  Joseph Kirton VC Norwich Finished 3rd 0
12.  Paul Roberts Lea Valley CC Finished 2nd 0
13.  Peter Anderson Seacroft Wheelers Finished 3rd 0
14.  Alexander Ashman Thanet RC Finished 3rd 0
--- Chris Cook 4T+ Velo Club Did not finish 3rd 0
--- Thomas Durkin Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club Did not finish 2nd 0
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