Lee Valley Winter Series #1 Women's Only

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Position Name Club name Rider status Category Points
1.  Danielle Shrosbree CC London Finished 3rd 10
2.  Sophie Lewis Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) Finished A 0
3.  Joanna Smith Thanet RC Race Team Finished 1st 7
4.  Alicia Speake Cycle Team OnForm Finished 1st 6
5.  Holly Hoy Cycle Team OnForm Finished 2nd 5
6.  Honor Elliott Finsbury Park CC Finished 2nd 4
7.  Elizabeth Hughes CC London Finished 1st 3
8.  Emma Bentley CC London Finished 2nd 2
9.  Shula Hagan CC London Finished 2nd 1
10.  Rosie Wallace LIV AWOL Finished 3rd 1
11.  Hermione Harrison Cowley Road Condors Finished 3rd 0
12.  Kitty Pemberton-Platt Scarpa Racing Finished 3rd 0
13.  Lesley Courtney Kinetic Cycles / Welwyn Racing Finished 2nd 0
14.  Stephanie Wheatley Finished 3rd 0
15.  Emma Pickering Dulwich Paragon CC Finished 4th 0
16.  Sarah Kelman St Ives CC Finished 4th 0
17.  Karen Tostee Hub Vélo Finished 4th 0
18.  Hannah Davey Hub Vélo Finished 4th 0
19.  Savannah Hewson LIV AWOL Finished 3rd 0
20.  Deena Blacking CC London Finished 3rd 0
21.  Jen Kingwill Twickenham CC Finished 4th 0
22.  Abigail Langley Thanet RC Finished 4th 0
23.  Charlotte Davis Lovelo Cinelli RT Finished 4th 0
24.  Donna Dale Finished 4th 0
25.  Rachel Dunn Welwyn Wheelers CC Finished 2nd 0
26.  Melissa Sargent Boot Out Breast Cancer C.C Finished 4th 0
27.  Kathryn Bevan Twickenham CC Finished 4th 0
--- Gem Atkinson Scarpa Racing Did not finish 2nd 0
--- Vivienne Tomlin CC London Did not finish 2nd 0
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