Lee Valley Winter Series #6 3rd Cat Only

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Rider comments

The race started off well with one attack straight away, they got caught within a lap, then everyone was rolling for a lap with a steady speed, then someone attacked straight from the back through the pack. We all thought he wouldn’t last because he attacked five minutes in. We had him in sight for a while then we didn’t, he had a lead of 50 seconds. By then we knew we weren’t getting him back although some of us tried to chase after him but the pack would just chase us down and slow down afterwards. We were all racing for second now. With two laps to go there was a very strong attack which I got in but it got caught quickly, immediately a counter had happened and I had to get some energy back quickly to try to be a part of this one, we were dropping the bunch but someone didn’t work and then it slowed down, one lap to go and I’m second wheel, I see next to me there is a lead out happening so I hop on Christopher’s wheel, he got lead out by john, I heard him say “don’t die John, just a bit more” I was whispering the same hoping the pack wouldn’t swamp me. Good thing John put a great lead out to Chris until the finishing straight then he started sprinting, I managed to just get round him for second. Good race overall, bit of a laugh really.

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Position Name Club name Rider status Category Points
1.  Sam Brown Spartans Velo Club Finished 3rd 10
2.  Alexi Edwards Flamme Rouge Cycling Team Finished 3rd 8
3.  Harrison Mayo Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club Finished 3rd 7
4.  Christopher Richmond Rapha Cycling Club Finished 3rd 6
5.  William Conway Spartans Velo Club Finished 3rd 5
6.  Matthew Foote Spartans Velo Club Finished 3rd 4
7.  Chris Ware Brixton Cycles Club Finished 3rd 3
8.  Lee Messenger Abellio - SFA Racing Team Finished 3rd 2
9.  Sam Reed University of Warwick Finished 3rd 1
10.  Joseph McNeil London Velo Cafe Cycling Club Finished 3rd 1
11.  Chris Cook 4T+ Velo Club Finished 3rd 0
12.  Thomas King Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) Finished 3rd 0
13.  Timothy Holmes OCTAVE Finished 3rd 0
14.  Andrew Tiller Glendene CC Finished 3rd 0
15.  Daryl Maffey Yh Training Scarborough RC Finished 3rd 0
16.  Matthew Noble OCTAVE Finished 3rd 0
17.  Stephen Tierney Guernsey Velo Club Finished 3rd 0
18.  Benjamin Ryder Rapha Cycling Club Finished 3rd 0
19.  Shaun Brennan Gorilla Firm Racing Finished 3rd 0
20.  Robyn Llewellyn Spartans Velo Club Finished 3rd 0
21.  John Mitchell Cambridge CC Finished 3rd 0
22.  Anthony Attwood Abellio - SFA Racing Team Finished 3rd 0
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