National Trophy CX - Gravesend Cyclopark | Women

Series leader, Beth Crumpton (Storey Racing) looked like she was going to return to past form after looking strong for much of the race and staying out front with only Sophie Wright (Renvale RT) for company but her hopes were dashed by an impressive Ffion James.

James (Abergavenny RC) who, after making her way back to the front of the race after an earlier altercation with a marker, caught and attacked bith Crumpton and Wright on the final lap of the race, opening up a gap of over 10 seconds to the chasing pair.

Wright managed to come home in second, just ahead of Crumpton who finished on the remaining step of the podium!

Rider comments

It was great to have such close & fast racing on such a technical course. There were 4 of us who could've won towards the end & there was no margin for error at all. I just couldn’t quite hold on for the win in the last lap & got over hauled by two strong girls. I’m happy to be back on the podium & look forward to another tough battle in Bradford

5 of us got away almost immediately and stayed together for the first few laps. I stayed near the back, playing it a bit tactical as I wasn't sure how I was feeling. A gap seemed to form to Beth at one point and I was feeling good so knew I needed to chase it down straight away. I tried to get past one of the other girls after a descent but without meaning to she swerved across and I had nowhere to go other than into a post!

I got back on relatively quickly after the crash, only losing maybe 15-20 seconds but I was down in 5th place. From then on I knew I couldn't hold back and just had to go flat out to the finish! I timed it almost perfectly, picking riders off until I caught Beth with about half a lap to go. I was tempted to sit on her wheel and leave it till closer to the finish, but I then thought about how close it was in Shrewsbury and didn't want that disappointment again! I also knew Sophie Wright was very close behind. So when I caught Beth, I went straight past and went flat out to the finish! And it worked

I felt like I was on it throughout the whole race and made sure I didn't let Beth go out of sight. When Ffion came past I saw she overtook Beth and I stayed controlled then attacked Beth on a bumpy straight with about half a lap to go. I knew I'd secured 2nd place until a slightly stressful moment when my gears seized in the large rear sprocket so I had to sprint in the saddle with my cadence going crazy to the finish line in a tiny gear but luckily held onto 2nd.

My aims for the rest if the season are to be selected for the world champs and podium at the national Champs as a first year under 23.

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After the practise lap I was really impressed with the venue at Cyclopark and couldn’t believe I had never heard of this place before. We made our way around the course and I was feeling pretty happy about what it had to offer; Off camber sections, steps, sand, hurdles, switch backs, steep climbs what more could you ask for- oh and a lot less mud. I was really happy with how the bike was running and my choice of Vittoria tyres, so as the morning racing was now underway it was just the case of wrapping up warm and watching others tackle the course. I love the time you get to spend chatting away to friends and generally catching up it helps keep all the racing relaxed and positive.

The start was a long tarmac section that lasted a few minutes before leading into the course. I had decided to keep my start pretty relaxed and ride into the race gradually. I found myself quite far back but it was not long until I was making my way back through.

The course was so flowing and I was loving all the different sections, there was always something interesting to look forward to. Each lap I was finding myself riding each section better and better and I was trying to focus on riding smooth to conserve as much as energy as I could. I had decided to stick with my two Terreno Mud Vittoria tires for the race and found this gave me the perfect grip for the muddy, slippy corners and the steep climbs especially the trickier muddy off-camber sections.

I was happy to finish still feeling pretty good as I had been feeling fatigue over the past few months, I always think that if you finish a race with a smile then the result is just a bonus and I am pretty pleased with a 26th place overall and 8th Elite Woman.

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Position Name Club name Rider status Category Time Points
1.  Ffion James Abergavenny Road Club Finished Senior 00:44:21:650 100
2.  Sophie Wright Renvale RT Finished Senior 00:44:32:000 80
3.  Bethany Crumpton Storey Racing Finished Senior 00:44:33:300 70
4.  Anna Kay EDCO Continental Finished Senior 00:44:46:050 60
5.  Hannah Payton Team Kinesis UK Finished Senior 00:45:59:200 55
6.  Amira Mellor PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield ER... Finished Senior 00:46:24:500 50
7.  Sophie Thackray PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield ER... Finished Senior 00:46:33:900 45
8.  Louise Heywood-Mahé Les Filles Queen of the Mounta... Finished Senior 00:47:26:300 40
9.  Rebecca Preece Leisure Lakes Finished Senior 00:47:46:000 35
10.  Emily Ashwood WXC World Racing Finished Junior 00:47:46:700 30
11.  Xan Crees Team Empella Cyclo-Cross.Com Finished Junior 00:49:11:050 27
12.  Ruby Miller Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's Finished Senior 00:49:31:700 24
13.  Abbie Manley Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's Finished Junior 00:49:44:750 22
14.  Amy Perryman Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's Finished Junior 00:50:06:050 20
15.  Kara Perryman Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's Finished Senior 00:50:32:250 18
16.  Clare Ross Brixton Cycles Club Finished Senior 00:50:46:900 16
17.  Poppy Wildman SF Racing Finished Junior 00:51:10:550 14
18.  Lauren Higham LIV AWOL Finished Junior 00:51:19:200 13
19.  Elspeth Grace Kinetic Cycles / Welwyn Racing Finished Junior 00:51:27:000 12
20.  Katie Scott Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's Finished Junior 00:51:33:800 11
21.  Nicole Clarke Birkenhead North End CC Finished Junior 00:52:23:550 10
22.  Claire Beaumont ViCiOUS VELO Finished Senior 00:52:54:100 9
23.  Emily Bridson LIV AWOL Finished Junior 00:53:05:650 8
24.  Alderney Baker Team Empella Cyclo-Cross.Com Finished Junior 00:54:01:250 7
25.  Charlotte Heywood-Mahé Les Filles Queen of the Mounta... Finished Senior --- 6
26.  Rosie Brown Cotswold Cycles-TREK Finished Senior --- 5
27.  Adeline Moreau Sunday Echappée Finished Senior --- 4
28.  Madeleine Gammons Team Vision Innovative Leisure Finished Senior --- 3
29.  Lydia Brookes Les Filles Queen of the Mounta... Finished Senior --- 2
30.  Emma Jane Hornsby VC Londres Finished Senior --- 1
31.  Cecilia Hime St Ives CC Finished Junior --- 0
32.  Katie Scotter ViCiOUS VELO Finished Senior --- 0
33.  Laura Wilkey Crawley Wheelers Finished Senior --- 0
34.  Olivia Campbell Dulwich Paragon CC Finished Senior --- 0
--- Connie Hayes LIV AWOL Did not finish Junior --- 0
--- Sarah Lomas LIV AWOL Did not finish Senior --- 0
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