Newchapel Kermis - Women

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 ,RIDER,CLUB,TIME 1,Karla Boddy,Les Filles Queen of the Mountains RT,1:29:59.755 2,Emma Lewis,Fusion Velo performance RT,1:30:24.654 3,Delia Beddis,Les Filles Queen of the Mountains RT,1:30:24.980 4,Anneleen Bosma,Rapha Cycling Club,1:33:12.551 5,Jessica Finney,Cycle Team OnForm,1:33:12.717 6,Eeva Sarlin,Velociposse,1:33:13.067 7,Izzy Stone,Project 51,1:33:19.896 8,Michelle Arthurs Brennan,Norwood Paragon,1:33:20.057 9,Georgia Bullard,Team Jadan Weldtite,1:33:20.180 10,Nicloe Oh,Les Filles Queen of the Mountains RT,1:33:20.200 11,Tina Hartwright,Dulwich Paragon CC,1:33:20.316 12,Honor Elliott,Finsbury Park CC,1:33:20.340 13,Emily Knight,Project 51,1:33:20.513 14,Zoe Bartlett,Bowlphish Racing,1:33:20.627 15,Heather Nickson,VC Londres,1:33:20.628 16,Kitty Pemberton-Platt,Scarpa Racing,1:33:20.664 17,Emma Bentley,CC London,1:33:21.068 18,Sarah Hickman,Iris Race Team,1:33:21.239 19,Jenny Andrews,CC Ashwell,1:33:21.414 20,Megan Panton,Project 51,1:33:21.663 21,Illi Gardner,Cardiff Ajax,1:33:21.763 22,Hannah Kitchen,VC Meudon,1:33:25.137 23,Rosie Wallace,Liv AWOL,1:33:26.397 24,Victoria Strilla,TW1,1:33:29.110 25,Clare Gillott,Les Filles Queen of the Mountains RT,1:33:49.931 26,Susan Freeburn,Les Filles Queen of the Mountains RT,1:35:40.968 27,Melinda Atkinson,Lovello Squdra Donne,1:35:41.259 28,Charlotte Redden,Cycle Team OnForm,1:35:49.036 29,Toni Wilkes,Project 51, 30,Hannah Graveney,Liv AWOL, 31,Abigail Langley,Thanet RC, 32,Josie Shepherd,Project 51, 33,Grace Dent,Project 51, 34,Yewande Adesida,Velociposse, 35,Gemma Hayes,Norwood Paragon, DNF,Hannah Nicklin,Les Filles Queen of the Mountains RT, DNF,Laura Lacey,Rapha Cycling Club, DNF,Gem Atkinson,Scarpa Racing, DNF,Rosi Digne-Malcolm,Velociposse, DNF,Amy Shilliday,Lovello Squdra Donne, DNF,Annie McBain,Spokes BPC Racing, DNF,Danielle Forshaw,Twickenham CC,
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