Odd Down Winter Series #1

Od 1

Saturday saw one of the closest finishes ever seen at Odd Down in round 1 of the winter series.

John Russell (Bristol Road Club) was aggressive from the start, launching multiple attacks throughout the race along with Steve Cottington (Bath Cycling Club). There were also solo attacks from Felix Young (Avid Coaching) and Tony Corke (Torke Cycling) but all we kept under control by the 3 riders from Latchem Sunwise who were policing attacks throughout the race.

In the final 2 laps, John Russell finally managed to make a decisive move, attacking off the front only to be joined by one of the Latchem riders who sat on as Russell committed himself to the finish.

On the final straight Russell dropped his Latchem shadow and looked like he had the sprint in the bag, with a number of bike lengths over the peloton in the final meters, but Nathan Hallett of Latchem was moving up fast and by the time Russell passed the line. Hallett was within millimeters of taking the victory.

After minutes of speculation and video checking, the win was finally awarded to Russell who maintains that his victory celebration was "perfectly timed" rather than premature!

Check out the video to see the finish in technicolour:

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pos first name last name
2/3 Men
1 John Russell
2 Nathan Hallett
3 David Mixell
4 James Dudden
5 Thomas Collins
6 Joe Twelvetrees
7 Thomas Bass
8 Anthony Corke
9 Samuel Gaskin
10 Steven Cottington
11 Nick Anderson
12 Felix Young
13 George Creasey
14 Josh Girffiths
15 Richard Smith
16 Edward Jackson
17 Ian Hicks
E/1/2/3 Women
1 Jenny Bolsom
2 Maria Powell
4th Cat Men
1 Jared Linden
2 Jamie Atkins
3 Edward Gray
4 Simon Starling
5 Will Atworth
6 Tom Allport
7 Will Clarke
8 Guy Tucker
9 Spencer Hardman
10 Dave Cullen
11 Si Potter
12 Jonathan Oakley
13 James Kay
14 Peter Smith
15 Alexander Atkins
16 David Gwynne
17 Joanathan Ashby
18 Matthew Skeats
19 Graham Townsend
20 Daniel Riggs
21 Chris Parry
22 Michael Banfield
23 Alex Williams
24 Joel Thomas
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