Odd Down Winter Series #3 - 4th cats

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Photo:Elliot Barratt

Another superb performance from Andrew White (Okehampton CC) and Ben Osborne (NFTO RC) saw them both into a top three, a regular occurrence this series. The field became fragmented from the start, with Osborne, White and Jamie Atkins (University of Bristol CC) forming an early break within the first few laps. In a post race interview, Osborne commented on how it was noticeably more difficult to get away this week. A group of five pursued the breakaway, but the front three were too strong, extending their lead with every powerful turn. Atkins eventually dropped off the pace in the closing laps to comfortably roll in for 3rd, with a roomy gap over his pursuers. The two leaders began to vie with each other for the perfect positioning, until Osborne exploded out of the last hairpin in attempt of a solo victory. White held the pace and jumped him on the final straight. Despite this, Osborne looked to have the explosiveness to make a successful sprint – we were confident that he’d take the win if he’d sat on until past the final bend. Nevertheless, White rode strategically well – securing his second win of the series – Chapeau! The chasing group came to a sprint for 4th, Edward Gray (University of Bath CC) coming in first.

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# Name Club
1 Andrew White Okehampton CC
2 Ben Osborne NFTO RC
3 Jamie Atkins University of Bristol CC
4 Edward Gray University of Bath CC
5 Steve Martin Tri UK
6 Alex Ficke Army Cycling Union
7 Spencer Hardman Salt and Sham CC
8 Will Acworth Bristol South CC
9 Peter Smith Cowley Road Condors
10 Thomas Southey University of Nottingham SCC
11 Andy Butler University of Bath CC
12 Mark Hardyman VC Walcot
13 Chris Brennan DHCyclesport
14 Daniel Riggs Corsley CC
15 Nigel Burton Bath CC
16 Matthew Skeats University of Bristol CC
17 James Barber University of Bath CC
18 Saxon Ridley
DNF Daniel Tyrie Imperial College CC
DNF Darren Hayter Tri UK
DNF Si Potter Mid Cornwall CC
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