Queen's Cross Seniors

Photo:Andy Porter

Rider comments

It's tempting to say this was an 'old school' race. That could be demeaning though and it's certainly not the intention... it was just a good ol' toughie in a low-key woodland and parkland and all the better for it.  When races take part in cyclocross hotbeds like Bradford they're normally brimming with talent, but Sunday's race collided with the National Trophy round down in Kent.  This made the fields smaller and, to be honest, on a course that was a little tight in places this wasn't a bad thing.  


The whole of the over 16s men and women set off in one consolidated group and racing was slow on the ultra heavy conditions (mud on top of snow on top of rain), but tough.  It's always tough.


The senior race winner Tom Armstrong took a few years away from 'cross as he was stationed in Belgian, Italian and now Spanish road teams, but the Preston born rider's been enjoying the fact that he's been 'allowed' to race 'cross again.   He romped off straight from the gun and once the gap was up to over a minute, Tom stayed at steady but fast laps.  No contest.


The v40 event on the other hand was more competitively run with a long battle between Shibdon CC's Jon Murfin and Lancashire visitor Dave Haygarth.  Murfin came out tops forging a decisive gap with just over a lap left.


Nicky Hartle's win in the women's event was won by Nicky Hartle who maintained a comfortable gap and the veteran eventually finished two minutes ahead of Alison Sarmiento



A few frozen fingers but a grand day out.

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Position Name Club name Rider status Category Points
1.  Thomas Armstrong KUOTA-C.PAULINO Finished Senior 6
2.  Richard Middleton Batley Cycling Club Finished Senior 4
3.  John Murfin C and N Cycles RT Finished Vet 40-49 3
4.  David Haygarth Here Come The Belgians Finished Vet 40-49 2
5.  Thomas Selby Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA Finished Senior 1
6.  Nigel Wood Kendal Cycle Club Finished Vet 40-49 0
7.  Bill Nickson Bill Nickson Cycles RT Finished Senior 0
8.  Richard Allan Finished N/A 0
9.  Ross Litherland Rapha Cycling Club Finished Vet 40-49 0
10.  Andrew Noble HD Revolutions (HDR) Finished Senior 0
11.  Simon Pateman www.cyclocrossrider.com Finished Vet 40-49 0
12.  Gary Spencer Finished 0
13.  Alex Foley Leeds Mercury Cycling Club Finished Senior 0
14.  Dean Hill Rapha Cycling Club Finished Senior 0
15.  David Jennaway Finished Vet 40-49 0
16.  Kevin Holmes Finished N/A 0
17.  Paul Nutton Here Come The Belgians Finished Vet 40-49 0
18.  Richard Greenep Finished 0
19.  Jason Bishop Ilkley Cycling Club Finished N/A 0
20.  Peter Payton Finished Vet 50+ 0
21.  James Oldroyd Finished N/A 0
22.  Ian Spencer Finished 0
23.  Jamie Duffy Manchester BMX Club Finished Vet 40-49 0
24.  Adam Pridmore East Bradford CC Finished N/A 0
25.  Gary Jackson Huddersfield Star Wheelers Finished N/A 0
26.  David Jones St Helens CRC Finished N/A 0
27.  Richard Morgan Calder Clarion CC Finished N/A 0
28.  Paul Stockwell West Yorkshire Police CC Finished Vet 40-49 0
29.  Darren Palfreyman Finished N/A 0
30.  Mike Lees Red Rose Olympic CC Finished Vet 40-49 0
31.  David Collins Finished N/A 0
32.  Iain Armstrong Bill Nickson Cycles RT Finished Senior 0
33.  Nigel Edwards Finished 0
34.  Martin Gabriel Moonglu CC Finished N/A 0
35.  Robert Grainger Scarborough Paragon CC Finished N/A 0
36.  Anthony Jones Knottingley Velo Finished Vet 50+ 0
37.  Richard Young Finished 0
38.  Nicola Hartle PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield ER... Finished Veteran 0
39.  Chris Bairstow Pedalsport Cycling Club Finished Senior 0
40.  David Slater Bolton Hot Wheels CC Finished N/A 0
41.  Simon Shaw Finished N/A 0
42.  Alison Sarmiento Harrogate Nova CC Finished Veteran 0
43.  Sarah Gardiner Queensbury Queens of the Mount... Finished Senior 0
44.  Chris Clegg Bolton Hot Wheels CC Finished N/A 0
45.  Brian Crossley Wakefield Junior Triathlon Clu... Finished N/A 0
46.  Catherine Litherland Rapha Cycling Club Finished Veteran 0
47.  Brenden Fairbrother Finished 0
48.  Karen Payton Finished Veteran 0
49.  Kate Porter Horwich CC Finished N/A 0
50.  David Halman Weaver Valley CC Finished N/A 0
51.  Rebecca Jones Knottingley Velo Finished Junior 0
52.  Robyn McLean Moonglu CC Finished Veteran 0
53.  Steven Cavell Condor RC (Calderdale) Finished N/A 0
54.  Dan Hasgh Finished 0
--- Michael Newton Barnsley RC Did not finish Senior 0
--- Matt Nutall Did not finish 0
--- Brandon Stock Northern Ride Did not finish Senior 0
--- Brindley Taylor Crawley Wheelers Did not finish Senior 0
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