Strange things that cyclists do

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In my first blog, I used a term that to a cyclist would be considered every day speak. To a non-cyclist however, upon seeing this term they might have been rather alarmed, assuming they must have mis-read the sentence, followed by smirking when they see that they did in fact read it correctly. I am off course referring to ‘bonking’, or the verb ‘to bonk’. In the world of cycling, this refers to when a rider has completely depleted their glycogen stores, leaving them with no energy, tunnel vision and a compass that will only take them to one place- the nearest petrol station, to gorge on whatever they can get their hands on. Sadly out here in Spain I’ve been doing far too much of one, and none of the other. 


This got me thinking about all the other strange things that either myself or my teammates do that give cyclists our reputation for being slightly rare. It only took a few minutes to come up with a very extensive list, so I’ll only share a few!

1/ Shaving our legs. I don’t really need to elaborate much on this, to a non-cyclist it’s just a bit weird. 

2/ The constant competition as to who in the team is the most lean. We spend far too much time comparing the prominence of the veins in our legs (girls definitely dig veiny legs...), with the leanest member of the team taking pride from the fact they have clearly dieted well. 

A Leg

3/ Leading on from this is the constant obsession with keeping our weight as low as possible. Some of the boys weigh themselves 4 times a day, logging everything so you can track your progression on a graph of it over time. (I promise we aren’t too obsessed!)

4/ We walk around airports wearing compression tights under our shorts*. I once was asked why I didn’t just wear trousers if I was so cold... I had no response to this perfectly logical question.

*its called fashion, look it up


In my next blog I’ll be back talking about training, along with some exciting news from the team.

Alla prossima!


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