Wessex CX League Rd14 - Crabwood CC - Senior

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Photo:Graham Robins

Rider comments

How often do you see a start of a CX race with everyone dismounted ready for the 200 metres of running to any form of rideable ground? not very! 

Crabwood CC put on a blinding course with a bit of everything thrown in decents, climbs (mostly ran) and a series of off camber sections. 

After a hectic start of everyone running the full length of the start straight i slowly but surely got myself into some sort of rhythm with company of my fellow team mate David Brazier & Thom Hayward (VC Venta) with not much between us for three laps i slowly managed to get away from the pair of them after numourous bike changes, a few risks in the mud and a whole lot of running later i managed to finish in a respectable 12th positon in one of the toughest races i think i've ever done. 




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