Western league #12 - Chedworth

Rider comments

Evel Knievel is quoted as saying I love the feeling of fresh air on my face and wind blowing through my hair - However he didn't race Chedworth this weekend.

A sunny day met us hardy fools at the race site and although the sign on was in the warm embrace of the cafe the cold wind cut you in half the moment you dared to go outside. Struggling to keep warm we all had a couple of laps to familiarise ourselves with the layout and what was clear, the course was going to be really hard - A strong man contest I exclaimed to anyone that would listen.

The race started with the familiar bun fight into the first couple of corners and the usual suspect lined up to take their chance Krzysztof Chrostek and Chris Ruthwell were away closely followed by Grant Leavy and Sam Smith - I was just off the back of them with Talan Snowden sat on me with the race opening up. The tricky conditions were leaving people between one bike setting and another, so lots of action for the pits and this was creating a bit of change in the bunch. I worked over to the group with Sam and Grant and tried to go clear although Grant wasnt going to give it to me!

As was expected the race became a battle as much as anything with yourself and the hard course and most people were riding in their own personal pain cave just waiting to finish. My suffering was rudely interrupted by a fast finishing Sam Smith. I tried to go with him but watching as he hopped the barriers lap after lap I knew it was futile. 

Another top 5 finish for me so that keeps me in contact with the top of the field with the end of the season in sight.

A special thanks to the greatest pit mate (and wife) Jenny for standing in the artic conditions lap after lap - a proper trooper and really deserved the pint in the pub after.

On to the div champs next week


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Pos Name Time Club
1 Chris Rothwell 00:55:38 BW Cycling
2 Krzysztof Chrostek 00:58:37 Bath CC
3 Sam Smith 00:59:55 Cheltenham and County CC
4 Mike Brunsdon 01:00:50 Velo Club Montpellier
5 Grant Leavy 01:01:39 DRK Racing
6 Talan Snowden 00:55:38 73 Degrees CC
7 Thomas Clark 00:56:01 stroud valley velos
8 Thomas Ashworth 00:56:34
9 Glyn Griffiths 00:57:09 73 Degrees CC
10 George Jones 00:57:43 VC St Raphael
11 Rory Smith 00:58:23 Malvern Cycle Sport
12 Theo Brumhead 00:58:23 Bristol South Cc
13 Tom Price 00:58:25 Chippenham
14 Mitch Evans 01:01:12 Ride 24/7
15 Dan Smith 01:01:19 Ride 24/7
16 Oliver Hayward 01:01:28 Striking Bikes
17 Nathan Anscombe 01:01:49 Bikestrong KTM
18 Gethin Musk 01:03:27 Performance Cycles
19 George Britton 00:56:05 Severn RC
20 Lewis Revill 00:56:13 Bath Uni CC
21 Luke Bonnett 00:57:30 Bristol Cx
22 Steve Smith 00:58:04 Ride 24/7
DNF Paul Derrick DNF Unattached
DNF James Lowles DNF BIKE Channel Canyon
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