Western league #12 - Chedworth | V50 & Women

Rider comments

Good course n great to have some mud at last! Ran the tricky woody section which was a good decision n also practice for running sections at Mol!

Only downside was less than courteous male Vet 40 rider who tried to intimidate coming by in an inappropriate place and with no left/ right call!! Think this League needs to have more respect for women riders..... he was un necessarily rude!

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So what I have learnt about bike racing is that the prep for your next race starts directly after your last one. Cyclocross is certainly no different, the cleaning of your bikes, washing of kit and the essential hydration & nutrition.

There are also loads of variables within a race, mechanicals, punctures, technical ability and lastly just good old form .

Last weekends race was at Chedworth near Cheltenham, a course which, on paper should suit me however I came 3rd there last year and remembered the hurt !

My preparation for the event was roughly the same, warm up went well, it was a bit fresh at 3 degrees so an extra layer was in order. The course was as I'd remembered, quite twisty & slippery on the field with a short technical bit in the woods.

We lined up for the dash with myself & my team mate Tony Davies on the front row amongst others. At 12:02 we were off charging down the field, now at this point you know exactly how you're feeling, my brain said pedal however my legs were sadly not in full agreement. As we turned into the first corner it was Tony in front with me chasing in second place, the race was on !

We battled around the slippery bends & through the wooded sections there was only 6 seconds between us at the end of the first lap. I was also aware there were riders close behind us this was certainly not going to be easy and a small mistake would be costly. As the race unfolded I had sight of Tony Davies but the gap was holding, just before the hurdles I was passed by Gary Hobbs (Stroud Valley Velo) he was strong & pulled away. Before long he had passed Tony and took the lead, I figured this was probably going to be where we'd finish up and I was right. A strong race by Gary with Tony second with me third, I see we are all entered in the South Region CX champs on Sunday in Hampshire so a re match is on the cards !

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Pos Name Time Gender Club
1 Gary Hobbs 00:39:34 Male Stroud Valley Velo
2 Tony Davis 00:40:09 Male Dream Cycling
3 Dave Coghill 00:40:24 Male Dream Cycling
4 Alan Green 00:41:01 Male Bristol South Cc
5 Pat Foley 00:42:08 Male
6 Iwona Szmyd 00:42:10 Female Royal Dean Forest CC
7 Gordon Smillie 00:43:40 Male Cheltenham and County CC
8 Sally Reid 00:44:18 Female Cheltenham and County CC
9 Chris Lowe 00:44:20 Male Swindon Road Club
10 Robin Worman 00:44:57 Male Royal Navy & Marines CA
11 Paul Loosemore 00:45:35 Male Striking Bikes
12 Alistair Hardy 00:46:11 Male Cyccc
13 John Simmons 00:46:39 Male Performance Cycles
14 Neil Armitage 00:47:19 Male Cheltenham and County CC
15 Miriam Whitehurst 00:39:28 Female Radion Bike-Science Race Team
16 Clair Wadden 00:40:11 Female Bristol Road Club
17 Phillip Whiteman 00:40:50 Male
18 Paul Clark 00:41:00 Male Dream Cycling
19 Lisa Addis 00:41:34 Female
20 Katherine Moore 00:42:36 Female Gorilla Firm Racing
21 Jim Denness 00:42:55 Male Salt and Sham cc
22 Patrick Boulton 00:44:25 Male Winchcombe Cc
23 Simon Westgate 00:45:40 Male
24 Hannah Reeves 00:47:28 Female 73 Degrees CC
25 Karen Spiteri 00:48:32 Female Avid Sport
DNF Chris Hope DNF Male
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