Western league #14 Hengrove - Seniors

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Pos Name Club
1 Barney Clacy Hargroves Ridley RT
2 Sam Smith Cheltenham and County CC
3 Jared Linden Royal Dean Forest CC
4 Sam Holder DRK Racing
5 George Bazley Bcds
6 Talan Snowden 73 Degrees CC
7 James Britton Bristol CX
8 Mike Brunsdon Velo Club Montpellier
9 Dan Crook Abbots Ann Cycles
10 Daniel Atkins Didcot Phoenix CC
11 Sam Andrews DAS RAD KLUB
12 Grant Leavy DRK Racing
13 Liam Cahill SomerValley CC
14 William Hibberd DRK Racing
15 Pedro Agnew-Márquez Bristol South Cc
16 Steve Light Salt and Sham cc
17 Dan Smith Ride 24/7
18 Ben Melling
19 Paul Derrick Unattached
20 Chris Newman DAS RAD KLUB
21 Ashley De Lotz Organic Endurance
22 George Britton Severn RC
23 Alex T Chepstow Cc
24 Jack Enright DAS RAD KLUB
25 David Gwynne Bath Uni CC
26 Ian Wood Vcds
27 Oliver Hayward Striking Bikes
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