Western league #15 Deerhurst - Seniors

It was a Malvern Cycle Sport 1-2 on New Years Eve with a win from Liam Killeen and 2nd place for Ross Harnden. Chris Rothwell (1310 Cycles) took the final spot on the podium with Krzysztof Chrostek (Bath CC) best of the League contenders in 5th.

Rider comments

After not having raced since the start of December, racing was a bit of a shock to the system. The pace for the first lap was higher than what I was comfortable with, however the initial race leader (Harry Birchill) soon faded. For the second lap I just hung on to Liam Killeen, but after the second lap I knew I couldn’t sustain Liam’s pace. After the end of the third lap it was just a case of leaving enough in the tank to prevent 3rd place (Chris Rothwell) from finishing ahead of me.

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Pos Name Club
1 Liam Killeen Malvern Cycle Sport
2 Ross Harnden Malvern Cycle Sport
3 Chris Rothwell 1310 Cycles
4 Harry Birchill Southfork Racing
5 Krzysztof Chrostek Bath CC
6 Scott Chalmers Magspeed Racing
7 Mike Brunsdon Velo Club Montpellier
8 Ben Eedy Empella Cycles
9 Sam Smith Cheltenham and County CC
10 James Britton Bristol Cx
11 Sam Andrews John'S Bikes
12 Glyn Griffiths 73 Degrees CC
13 Liam Cahill SomerValley CC
14 David Roper Ride 24/7
15 Dan Crook Abbots Ann Cycles
16 Talan Snowden 73 Degrees CC
17 William Hibberd DRK Racing
18 James Carver Salt and Sham cc
19 Edd Charlton-Weedy Army Cycling Union
20 Gethin Musk Performance Cycles
21 Jon Cannings Global Cycling Network
22 George Britton Severn RC
23 Jim Baldwin
24 Steve Smith Ride 24/7
25 Dan Smith Ride 24/7
26 Oliver Hayward Striking Bikes
27 Robert Haynes Unattached
28 James Mckay Performance Cycles
29 Robert Snook Bikestrong KTM
DNF Mitch Evans Ride 24/7
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