western league #15 Deerhurst - Women & Vets

Evie Richards (Trek Factory Racing), having just warmed up for Deerhurt by winning the elite women's World Cup race in Namur, took the victory in the Women & Vets race ahead of Grant Johnson (Sunset Cycles) and Robin Delve (MDCC)

Rider comments

I traveled from reading to do the race. Paul's course here was good last year, so I came again. Racing with Evie Richards was a treat, she is such a good rider!

Muddy, Wet, but I enjoyed every minute and came 3rd in the vet 50 despite being gridded at the back!

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Pos Name Club
1 Evie Richards Tpr
2 Grant Johnson Sunset Cycles
3 Robin Delve Mid Devon CC
4 Martyn Dymond C N Cycles
5 Kate Gedy Empella Cycles
6 Graham Steward Bristol South Cc
7 Sean Bolton Team Swindon Cycles
8 Donald Gray Cardif Jif
9 Pat Foley
10 Verity Appleyard Bortherton Cycles
11 Lee King Behind Bars
12 Stephen Barton Ride 24/7
13 Sally Reid Cheltenham and County CC
14 Alan Green Bristol South Cc
15 Joe Rowe
16 Kevin Watts Cdrc
17 Alistair Hardy Cheltenham & Cc
18 Simon Davis Sodbury Cycle Sport
19 Mike Snell RLSCC
20 Iain Chamberlain
21 Gordon Smillie Cheltenham and County CC
22 Miriam Whitehurst Radion Bike-Science Race Team
23 Joanne Jago Performance Cycles
24 Jim Denness Salt and Sham cc
25 Clair Wadden Bristol Road Club
26 Jackie Shute Mid Devon CC
27 Neil Armitage Cheltenham and County CC
28 Ian Sparrow Sodbury Cycle Sport
29 Chris Hope
30 Patrick Boulton Winchcombe Cc
DNF Rosie Wayland
DNF Melanie Smith Cotswold Veldridjen
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