Western league #16 Love Crossed

Chris Rothwell (BW Cycling) took the win an the, much anticipated, Love Crossed CX ahead of Sam Allen (Pedalon.co.uk) and Krzysztof Chrostek (Bath CC).

Love crossed rounded out this years Western Cyclocross League which was won by Krzysztof Chrostek who won a hard-fought battle with Scott Chalmers (Magspeed Racing) who took 2nd overall with Mike Brunsdon (VC Montpellier) in 3rd.

Rider comments

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This was my last race of the season so was looking forward to finishing it well. The race started well but I quickly realised that today wasn't the day, not having the best legs, suffering from fatigue because of a long season. Nevertheless, I pushed through and despite the grueling nature of the course managed to finish in 2nd, to Chris who was strong today. Now looking forward to some well deserved rest

I was hoping the course would be wetter and everyone would be forced to run the steep uphill at the very end of the field. This usually wears everyone out and gives me an opportunity to make up some extra time using my ex-cross country running skills.

This wasn't the case on sunday

My main goal for this race (and for any other CX race I did) was to have a good start, get into the right position within the opening 2 laps, then keep good rhythm and full concentration for the remaining 45min of racing.

I rode a clean race and didn't make any mistakes so the goal was accomplished.

As a result I managed to finish before Scott sealing 40 league point and ensuring 1st place in the league for 2017/2018. Job done!

Was happy to take the second spot on the podium for the Western League after a busy winter of National Trophy, Western League and Belgian races. The standard in the league has risen which is great!

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Pos Name Club Laps
1 Chris Rothwell BW Cycling 9
2 Sam Allen Pedalon.co.uk 9
3 Krzysztof Chrostek Bath CC 9
4 Callum Macleod Zappi Racing Team 9
5 Matthew Coulson Palmer Park Velo 9
6 Joshua Jones 9
7 David Beskeen Cotswold Veldridjen 9
8 Liam Cahill SomerValley CC 8
9 James Madgwick Bloodwise Csw 8
10 Scott Chalmers Magspeed Racing 8
11 Jared Linden Royal Dean Forest CC 8
12 Sam Smith Magspeed Racing 8
13 Chris Metcalfe Fabric Cycling 8
14 James Lowsley-Williams 8
15 Hugh Richards High Wycombe CC 8
16 James Britton Bristol Cx 8
17 Nick Blight Cycles Scuderia 8
18 Sam Holder DRK Racing 8
19 Dan Crook Abbots Ann Cycles 8
20 Thomas Ashworth 8
21 James Carver Salt and Sham cc 8
22 Alex Mcmoll Velo Club Marlin 8
23 Graham Knight Jca-Equipe Velo 8
24 Jay Allen Pedalon.co.uk 8
25 William Hibberd DRK Racing 7
26 Brendan Schofield 7
27 James Whateley Old Field Old Boys 7
28 Gethin Musk Performance Cycles 7
29 Sam Andrews Johns Bikes 7
30 Jim Baldwin Rockin Bikes 7
31 Tom Hill Grit Cx 7
32 Charles Thiboult VC Walcot 7
33 Nathan Anscombe Bikestrong KTM 7
34 Chris Newman DAS RAD KLUB 7
35 Paul Derrick Unattached 7
36 Ben Young 7
37 Matt Mountford BICI - PAZZO R.T. 7
38 Robert Haynes Unattached 7
39 James Cuff DRK Racing 7
40 Oliver Hayward Striking Bikes 7
41 Simon Richardson Global Cycling Network 7
42 Paul Warren Oxonion 7
43 Michele Contrino Ccc Guildford 7
44 James Mckay Performance Cycles 6
45 Dan Smith Ride 24/7 6
46 Simon Edwards-Parton Cotswold Veldridjen 6
47 Jan Jachnik 5
DNF Deacon Cutterham VCB 3
DNF Ray Townsend Canyon Eisberg 2
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