WTTA Hill Climb Series - #1 Somerset RC

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Somerset road club hosted the first round of the WTTA hill climb series. It's the start of my favourite time of the year, just turn up at a hill and see who can ride up the fastest. 

This particular climb was a mellowish 6% 4-5 minute effort, with a nasty headwind finish. Definitely not the hardest hill climb I've ever done, but fun none the less. The roads were wet meaning any rider who dared pump their tyres above 80psi would be punished by the dreaded wheel slip. I opted for 70psi, which did the job perfectly.

I managed to just scrape the win, but it was great to see some younger riders making the podium. Both Andrew Kirby and Josh Coyne are looking super fast and they both deserve a big result soon. 

This year, Jo Jago looks to have some stiff competition in the women's catagory, although she still managed to come away with the win by a decent margin of 12 seconds.

Oh, and keep an eye out for Russell Peace and his sub 5kg fixed gear build during the rest of the series, that thing's a real hill climb beast!

Big thanks to Somerset Road Club for a brilliant event.

Joe N


The first round of the WTTA Hill climb series was Somerset RC's open event on Cockercombe Road in the heart of the Quantocks. 

The event took place on a damp and windy day with a slight chill, reminiscent of hill climbs later in the season. Many competitors warming up close to the start and leaving on extra layer till the last moment. The course was a classic length of around 5mins with an initial ramp of 8-9% hitting the riders straight out of the blocks. This transitioned into a false flat with some tricky corners and slight headwind making pacing difficult. The final section was a kick up to the line just long enough to punish those who had gone too deep.

Congratulations to Joe Norledge and Jo Jago for taking the win, both are pervious WTTA series champions clearly showing both experience and form. The competition hots up as the WTTA hits Porlock next week.



The start of another hill climb season and the first round felt like a bit of a reunion - seeing some people I hadn't seen since the end of the last hill climb season! One of the best things about these events is how friendly everyone is, and I always look forward to this time of year and catching up with people again. 

The number of women entering hill climbs is growing every year and there were some new faces again. This is a really good thing and hopefully more will be inspired to give it a try and it will continue to grow. 

The day started wet but it stopped raining just in time to warm up and race, just leaving the road a bit wet. The climb went well for me, I improved on last years time and came away with the win by 12 seconds. Well done to Hannah for her second place, hopefully she'll be entering the other rounds as well. A lot of the guys look to be going well this year too. Joe Norledge took the win, but it was tight at the top.

Looking forward to the other rounds now, it's shaping up to be another good competition!

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Position First Name Last Name Club Precise Time
1 joe norledge Bristol South Cycling Club 04:37.0
2 Andrew Kirby University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 04:39.0
3 Josh Coyne Okehampton CC 04:43.3
3 Phil Stonelake BikeRadar 04:43.3
5 Joe Hawksworth Bristol South Cycling Club 04:51.8
6 Glyndwr Griffiths 73Degrees CC 04:51.9
7 Tom Fricker Farnham RC 04:52.0
7 Fred Cook University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 04:52.0
9 Adam whitehead Bristol South Cycling Club 04:53.0
9 George Jones Velo Club St Raphael 04:53.0
11 Russell Peace Dursley Road Club 04:54.0
12 Hugh Brashaw University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 04:55.0
13 Andrew Peat Solihull CC 05:02.0
14 Gordon Markus Severn Road Club 05:07.0
15 Darren Webb Somerset Road Club 05:10.0
16 Geoff Ware Minehead Cycling Club 05:16.0
17 Ben Turner Wellington Wheelers Cycling Club 05:21.0
18 Ollie Pennington 1st Chard Wheelers 05:27.0
19 Shaun Reed Somerset Road Club 05:28.0
20 Andrew Kelly Somerset Road Club 05:30.0
21 Joanne Jago Performance Cycles CC 05:32.0
22 Charlie Revell Team Tor 2000 (Kalas) 05:36.0
23 Julian MacBride Blaydon CC 05:41.0
24 Andy Winterbottom Somerset Road Club 05:42.0
25 Hannah Slade Chippenham & District Wheelers 05:44.0
26 Jon Leonard Wellington Wheelers Cycling Club 06:19.0
27 Dylan Leonard Wellington Wheelers Cycling Club 06:31.0
28 Alice Thomson DRK Racing 06:35.0
29 Wiebke Rietz 1st Chard Wheelers 06:40.0
30 Hugh Ball Somerset Road Club 07:20.0
DNS Charlie Beake Tri UK 00:00.0
DNS tavis walker DRK Racing 00:00.0
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