Yorkshire Points Round 9 - Women|Vets

Rider comments

I really like the course at York, muddy off cambers, hard straights, and a layer of wet mud on the surface makes for fun racing. I had a good race leading off the start and getting into a good rhythm on the first lap. I was really pushing myself out of corners and on the straights to test where my fitness was. It was a really cold day and with all the water on the course everyone was freezing by the end!

My race didn't start well! I was in 2nd place and got caught up in some course tape, ripped by Gouldy. It took a couple of minutes to unravel, eventually getting going after another problem with the bike, got back up to 2nd. Good hard course! Will be an excellent trophy.

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1 Tim Gould Zepnat rt M
2 Mike Burdon Ph-Mas Paul Milnes ERT M
3 Noel Clough fietsentempo M
4 andrew carr sowerbybros M
5 Charles Warren Harrogate Nova M
6 Jough Watson ChargeBikes M
7 Marcus Spencer HargreavesCycles M
8 Phil Hinchliffe Holmfirth CC M
9 Wayne Nicholson York Cycleworks M
10 John Docker HSW M
11 John Elwell East Bradford CC M
12 Steve Smales M
13 Steve Shepherd Jorvik MTB M
14 John Wood Ilkley CC M
15 Brent Carr HereComeTheBelgians M
16 John Houlihan HCTB M
17 Amira Mellor F
18 John Wright Wakefield CC M
19 Anthony Matthews M
20 Brian Perks Pedalsport Cycling Club M
21 Todd Sewart HCTB M
22 Timothy Beachill Teamcysticfibrosis M
23 Kevin Holmes ua M
24 Gary Warton Stockton Wh M
25 Richard Cutsforth VeloClubBeverley M
26 Mark Mckie York Cycleworks M
27 Tim Gill Ilkley CC M
28 Nick Mason HarrogateNova M
29 Edward Sarmiento cyclocrossrider.com M
30 Heath Ackroyd Shibden CC M
31 Steve Robinson Danby Velo M
32 Andrew Simpson DoncasterWhlrs M
33 Lily Greenhalgh East Bradford CC F
34 Jason Bishop Ilkley CC M
35 Steve Hodgson Holmfirth CC M
36 Andy Cook Holmfirth CC M
37 Rod Dugher DoncasterWheelers M
38 Alison Kinloch PHMas Paul Milnes F
39 Hannah Saville cyclocrossrider.com F
40 Gareth Buddo CycleHeaven M
41 Simon Wilson M
42 Poppy Cooke PH-MASPaulMilnesOldfieldERT F
43 Robert Grainger Scar. Paragon M
44 Anthony Jones Knottingley Velo M
45 Adrian Speight DaveRaynersCycleSport M
46 Sinead Burke Ph-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield F
47 David Collins M
48 Peter Young MOONGLUCC M
49 Pete Smith VC Beverley M
50 Chris Short Pedalsport Cycling Club M
51 Rob Wilkins Moonglu CC M
52 Al Yellup York Cycleworks M
53 Richard Green HSW M
54 Ruby Boyes HSW F
55 John Rawden M
56 Timothy Evans Harrogate Nova M
57 Suzanne Young YorkCycleworks F
58 Terry Lightfoot York Tri Club M
59 Russell Gordon Holmfirth Cycling Club M
60 Martin Lyness M
61 Libby Greatorex Bioracer F
62 Nicky Hartle PHMas F
63 Peter Anderson Seacroft Whlrs M
64 Alison Sarmiento Harrogate Nova F
65 Jessica Hobson-Taylor YorkCycleworks F
66 John Senior York Cycleworks M
67 Kylie Jackson York Cycleworks F
68 Josie Smith Barnsley RC F
69 Ian Cooper Shibden CC M
70 Paul Gray Paul Milnes M
71 Brian Crossley Wakefield Tri M
72 Katrina Adam ARCC F
73 Steven Webster Bronte Whlrs M
74 Brit Tate Jedi Cycles F
75 Joanne Worboys-Hobson Holmfirth CC F
76 Robyn McLean Moonglu F
77 Michael Gaughan WTC M
78 Danny Sampson York Tri M
79 Tony Wild Otley CC M
80 Janine Pickard Jedi Cycles F
81 Steven Cavell Condor RC M
82 Rachel Lightfoot York Tri Club F
83 Chris Beetham Seacroft Whlrs M
84 Jenni Myers Albarosa F
85 Stu Thoimas M
86 Gilly Fraser-Rees Ilkley CC F
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